Yet Another Newbie

  • Hi everyone. I'm Roya...I'm currently living in the college dorm which i find is my biggest obstacle. My highest weight was 198 and I got down to 173, but since then I have gotten back up to about 184 because I find it hard living in the dorms and not being able to cook the healthy meals at home. I'm rather disappointed with my weight gain, so I hope I can find support from everyone here (and give support in return) to lose the weight again.

  • Hiya BlackBelt

    Are you counting calories or following a specific type of food program? Do you exercise?

    Have a look around, and post wherever you're comfortable!

    Best of success!!!
  • Hi Roya, pretty name. When I was in college, I would workout on my long breaks at the fitness center, I didn't live on campus though. There are a lot of college girls in 20 somethings. Jump in where you can.
  • Hey Roya, and

    Give us some more information so we can point you to good spots to settle into! What kind of plan are you following? What are your interests?

    Keep posting, look around, and find a spot or two (or ten!). Can't wait to hear more from you soon!
  • Thanks for all the warm welcomes!

    During the summer I worked with a 24hour trainer, and counted calories using the BodyBugg device...With the dorm food its hard to count calories, because I really have no idea what everything is.

    I try to get to the gym, but with work and school and EMT training I usually only find time once a week. I got some weights to go some arm works in my dorm room, but within this small room its hard to do any sort of workout video or anything that I would have done at home when I didnt have time to get to the gym.