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spacecadet 02-24-2008 02:33 AM

HI Im new here!
Im Maggie..Im 35 and trying to lose 45 pounds by the end of the summer. Im a American Living in the south of sweden. I weight 215 which is my biggest and my lowest as an adult has been 185. I have been fat most of my life. Now at 35 it time to get healty and eat better. Plus I have Lupus and a healthty lifestyle would do wonders for me and my body. My hubby and I have joined weight watchers and well he is droping pounds by the second and Im wondering along. This week I start the gym and Im going to walk on the weekends. I know that it will be hard and I know that the goodies I love to eat will hunt me in my dreams. But I want to feel better about myself and my body. I dont want to lose lots of weight. I just want to walk into a shop in sweden and buy a regular 44\46 US 14\16 and its fits. Yes I would love to be my idea weight which I think it 135 but I want to start out with a real goal and then go from there. Thanks for reading my post.:D


AussieDaria 02-24-2008 06:56 AM

Maggie, dieting with guys is depressing. Whatever you do, don't compare your weight loss to his, because guys just lose it faster. It's unfair, but that's how it goes.

My husband isn't even deliberately dieting and he lost 10kg in a matter of a couple of months. All he did was cut back on chocolate; other than that he ate pretty much the same as always. And he wasn't overweight to start with: he was slim, and now he's actually passed beyond slim into skinny.

Verdict: Men are just really depressing to have around when you're trying to diet! :D

spacecadet 02-24-2008 07:25 AM

My hubby has a potbelly and it had gotten worse since he moved home to Sweden. He went from eating very little candy in the states to LOTS of candy in Sweden. It just took a few weeks for him to put on the weight and I was shocked....The past 2 years Ive really been one him to make a change. I want him around for a long time. He is taking a dance class for excersice and Im going to the gym. I dont dance. Ive seen a difference in him the past few weeks....He looks smaller in the belly and face. I asked him last night if he misses all the candy he ate and he said not really. I guess that is a good sign:). Im not comparing us because i know that men lose weight super fast. He is a great support and I know by the end of the summer we will be thinner and healthier.

ellis 02-24-2008 08:28 AM

Maggie, welcome to the forum! :welcome3:
You sound a wise woman, and I think your goals are very reasonable. A "real" goal to start is the best way to go. You're going to do it, and you're going to feel great! :hug:

srmb60 02-24-2008 09:14 AM

Hi and welcome!

I'm glad to see you're making your way around the boards. Make yourself at home. We're glad you're here and we're happy to help.

spacecadet 02-24-2008 09:28 AM

Thanks everyone. I really think a fourm like this will give me the help I need in losing some weight.


countrygirl7902 02-24-2008 09:59 AM

welcome Maggie!
you might want to check out the Weight Watchers threads on this site for tips:

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