• Hey, I'm Holly and I've just finished registering. I am 5ft 9 and recently hit an all time high in terms of weight, 12 and a half stone (175 pounds). Over the past 5 weeks I've got down to 12 stone (168 pounds) and maintained it, but sadly my life isn't very active at the moment- it is still the summer holidays for me. I am hoping that when I go back to music college I will be a) doing more in the day and will therefore have less time to think about food, b) more in control of the foods I eat and c) more active lifestyle. My ultimate goal is to get down to 9 stone, but I would happily settle for 9 and a half. I have been target-setting since deciding to shift the fat, and I set a mini-target of being 12 stone when I went back to college, which I have already achieved. So yay!
  • Good for you!