• Hi. My name is Heather. I am married with 4 kids. I am struggling to stay vegan in a houseful of carnivores. I am also struggling to lose weight. I was thin all of my life until my second child. I gained 75lbs when pregnant with her and just never lost it. 10 years later I still have it. I disgust myself, but apparently not enough to stay committed to losing the weight. I have a serious lack of motivation! I am hoping to find the support I need here!

    Nice to meet everyone!
  • Hi Heather!
    Being a vegan alone has to be difficult!! Shows you have insane commitment however, which is awesome!! Being disgusted by ourselves is a sucky motivator, we can live with that, its when other people are disgusted by us that we think of changing- BOO to that, but it is so very true!!! Do you find it harder to find support among your family being that your eating habits are so different?
    Welcome and Best wishes!!!!!!