ready to have a support system

  • Aloha, ladies (and gents). I'm brand new today...I have been looking for a support system/network for a while, and I see this site has a lot of activity. I'm just hoping to find some ideas and encouragement, so that I can be steady and patiet in reaching my goals. I hope all of you are having luck - I slowely am. It's a new day!
  • 3FC is one of the best places on the web for encouragement, you are definitly in the right place. It is one of the greatest support systems out there.

    A stead and patient pace is the best. Good luck to you and your goals. You can do it. Especially with help from 3FC.
  • Glad you found us!
  • yea!
    Thank youi so much, ladies! I lost 2.8 lbs this week! I'm totally happy to gradually lose the weight, 1-2 lbs a week, so I have a way to go. Oh, and I LOVE the diet-tickers!!! I used to keep a journal, and I would use stickers and colored pens to make it fun, but now that I'm doing this, all the little details are fun and encouraging. I know, I'm a nerd. Anyway, good luck to you ladies, too, and I'll talk to you all when I'm just a bit smaller!
  • Hi Audrey!! You have a beautiful name! Welcome, I'm new today as well, lots of wonderful bits on this forum which is great to have! Congrats on the 2.8lbs!!