Let me introduce myself

  • I am new here, and just started the SBD yesterday after being diagnosed late last month with PCOS.

    I have about 80 pounds I would like to lose, although I think if I lose 50, I will be in a healthier range than I am now.

    I have not been able to stick to any kind of diet before, however I have been really good at working out regularly.

    So I am off to change my lifestyle. Here goes nothing!
  • Good luck on your journey to being healthier! It's hard, but if you're persistent you'll make it! Be sure to utilize the support that this forum can provide. It's very helpful when you have questions or just need a good word from someone.
  • well welcome!!! and hang on for a long journey!!!! This site is deff gonna help ya out.....everyone here is just so supportive!!! And its very easy to make friends here! So just keep your chin up and keep your feet moving forward....it is hard....but with support and determination you can achieve this!!!! (WHOA I FEEL LIKE DR. PHIL lololol) Good luck! and if you need anything feel free to pm me!
  • You can do this! Hubby and I are on Southbeach, too, and we love this plan. Take some time to look around...there are many different forums that might interest you...like Chicks on the Beach, or dieting with PCOS/Insulin Resistance. I hang out on the 100lb club forum. Feel free to join in wherever you feel comfortable.