Im new-ish

  • I suppose i should have done this a while back when i actually joined. you know, i came on this forum to ask a simple question about dieting and then again when i felt like quitting my diet. both times i went away stronger than i had been beforehand. since that second time, i have been constantly on this thing, accepting and giving support. i love this forum, the people are so nice and very supportive. when i reach my target weight, i will owe a lot to this site and i hope each and every forum member reaches their target weight and lives an extremely happy life!!

    By the way, Im Mark... , From Ireland...Not much else to say really, oh, im 19...

  • Mark!
  • I've seen you around quite a bit already, but hello, welcome, and we're glad you're here!
  • lol yeh i shoulda done this when i first started rather than a month after wards.. :P