• Hello Everyone,

    I'm also a newbie here; but not in the yoyo dieting, that's for sure. I've been obese for several years. So far this year I have lost 60 pounds; finally found an exercise program I can stick with and that I could do even at my large weight; I changed my eating habits one by one and I think changing them one at a time is what has helped me stay on my program. My cravings are barely there anymore and that is great!

    Take care all!
  • Congrats on your 60lb weight loss that is great! I'm new too. This site is really great I've only been on here a few days your going to love it!
  • Thanks so much! I appreciate it.

    Yes, this site looks totally awesome. I'm glad to be here.
  • Welcome to 3FatChicks, Angel.

    You've already done a great job with your weight loss! Congratulations. You've come to a wonderful place for support.