Hi all :)

  • Just thought I'd pop in and introduce myself. I love the forums here, so much inspiration and support! I'm going to need it I have quite a ways to go.

    I've decided to go the calorie reduction/balanced diet route this time and so far I think I'm doing pretty well with it. It's been a real eye-opener to track everything I eat and I can now see why I got in this shape to begin with.

    I'm also doing quite a bit of exercise and starting to feel human again. While I've been at this for about two months now I just started tracking my weight the first part of this month.

    Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you.



  • Hi Teri!!!
    You can do it !!!

  • Hi Teri!

    Glad you found 3FC - nice people, lots of great info. Hope to see you around. I'm also a newbie and a Teri too

    Check out www.fitday.com Free and easy -
  • Hi
    I know that we can all find our answers. Sometimes it just helps to have some support.
    Good luck. ANd remember to reach out.
  • Teri! Sounds like you have a great plan. Many of our 3FC friends have lost weight by calorie counting and eating healthy foods.