Hey, I'm new :)

  • I'm Emma, I weigh just over 250 pounds so I have a long road ahead but with support I know I can lose the 100 pounds+ that i need to!

    I know excercise is vital to help get down to a healthy weight, but I'm going to see how I do with healthier foods before I switch my whole lifestyle.

    I'm determined to lose this weight and I know, in time, I'll get there!

  • HI
    I am new too, I just started the Fast Smash Diet Day one hour 2 is going well
  • Hi Emmax! I had the same starting weight as you and also started the same way. I changed the way I ate and lost a good 30 lbs. before I started exercising regularly. It was helpful to me to ease into it and I think that's one of the reasons I've been able to stick with it longer than past attempts. But I encourage you to do a little something here and there for exercise, you don't have to do a hard core sweat session to reap the benefits of physical activity. Something as simple and easy as a walk around the block is great!
  • Welcome Emma! Good luck with your weight loss efforts...You can do it!!
  • Thanks for the lovely welcomes and encouragement. It's so great to know that you guys are losing with support from here, I've never been able to lose weight and I just keep gaining and gaining.. It stops today!
  • Welcome,Baby steps is the way to go. Change something you can manage and stick to, and then another. It is always easier to get out and walk after losing a few pounds. and much easier on the joints. Good Luck
  • I agree that we need to change our diets to lose but you have to move as well. Wisher is right, just some walking will aid in your loss. Start with some small goals (like I'll walk to this point this day and that point the next... ) and work your way up! I wish you much success and never stop believing in ourself!!