Hello from VA

  • Hello! I am rejoining the forum after a couple of years. I live in SE VA. I have been married to my dh for 13 years & have 4 children. I never had a weight problem until I had my 2nd baby. I lost the weight from the 1st without any problems--just breastfed & the weight dropped off of me. After the 2nd I had to work on it. After the 3rd I had to work my tail off literally. I had my 4th 2 years ago & I weigh more now than I did when I was pregnant. I just can't seem to stay on plan. So, I am refocusing & recommitting. I will be mindful of what and how much I eat. I am going to try Alli along with my old standby-WW. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here .
  • I am also from VA Bridgewater exactly. I am back on WW myself. This is the 1st day of 2nd week. I like you gained weight with my last child. Can't seem to get it off and she is 6. But this time I have gotten determined and am really going to work on it hard. I was thinking about trying Alli but wasn't sure what all it was about. Heard some not so good things about it and some good thing also. Just let me know if you need any help. We are all here to help you and keep your motivated.

  • Hi, fellow Virgianians - Yorktown reporting in here! Good luck to you.
  • Hello Amy..Welcome! Good luck with your plan.. You can do this!! Much success to you!
  • I'm in SE Virginia, too! Nice to see some locals. :-) That baby weight is fierce, isn't it?

  • Hello fellow Virginians! I'm across the York River from you Susan! I've been away from 3FC for way too long...and once again, I AM a FC! I'm so tired of being a yo-yo! Babies are what "did me in" originally.....however, my babies are now 15 and 12! YIKES! I don't think that I can talk about my "baby weight"! You girls are so wise to fight it now!
  • Hello! I wish the best for you!! Don't give up!
  • Let me know how Alli works. I am trying phentermine, which is a prescription appetite suppressant. I would love to know how each one differs. Besides the typical ones a fat blocker and ones an appetite suppressant
  • Welcome, Amy! Glad to have you on board!