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JennErin 06-12-2007 04:54 PM

Hi, Everyone!

I was just looking at the before and after pictures, and I am truly inspired! I mean, I know I know I can lose weight because I've done it. But, I've gained a little of it back, and I want it gone! The heaviest I was was 190-ish pounds. I went to my doctor for help, and he put me on phentermine. It made me feel weird at first, but I noticed I wasn't as hungry. Soon, I was at 165! Well, I stopped taking it because my family had some issues and we lost our health insurance. Since then, I've gained about 10 pounds back, but it feels like so much more.

So, I've been swimming, and I just started the Special K diet to jump start myself! I am excited (and a little hungry), but I can do it!! My goals include:

-- Swim a mile (I am currently at .25 miles)
-- Lose 10-20 pounds by Fall semester (mid-August)
-- Lose down to about 130 pounds (long term goal)

I was wondering if anyone was considering trying the Alli pills. Has anyone talked to their doctor about them? If so, what was said?

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