Heavier than ever and ready to change

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  • Hello everyone,

    I just hopped on the scale to find out my starting weight and got quite a shock-- 293 lbs! A lot more than I expected and a definite signal that it's time to start again. Two years ago I started a serious weight loss and lifestyle change effort. It went great-- I lost some weight, gained a ton of self-esteem and then I gradually got involved in other things then I stopped focusing on my weight and... well, here I am about 20lbs heavier than my previous starting weight and ready to start over again.
  • welcome!
  • Welcome and good luck.
  • its a good feeling when you know you are ready to really do something about it - that you are ready to change and willing to put in the effort. good luck, you've come to a great place for support.
  • My son turns two June 10 and I weigh more now that I did when I was pregnant. Bummer... I am tired and lethargic all the time. I know if I just get up and move I will begin to feel energized; it's sticking with it long enough to feel the change that is difficult. I am hoping that this "community" will help me stay on track...
  • I know the feeling! I hadn't weighed myself in almost a year. I knew I'd probably gained weight (the size 16 clothes I had to buy were a tip-off), but when I stepped on the scale and saw the number go OVEr 200, I actually just started laughing. I know I should have cried, but it seemed so ridiculous to me that I'd let my weight get that high!

    I also lost quite a bit of weight on WW about 5 years ago. I put all 40 lbs back on, +10 more, so now I'm bound and determined to get back into the 140's where I should be! And stay there! Good luck to you!

    By the way, where in Switzerland are you? I've visited many times; Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lausanne. I love it there...
  • Hello Everyone!

    This looks like the thread that's perfect for me! I totally understand the way you all are feeling. I'm a long-standing member of 3fc's, just took a long.... vacation from the forum's, got fat and now, I'm starting over again! I came so--close to my goal 6 years ago here at 3fc's. I was so proud of myself and thought that I'd NEVER get fat again. Well, here I am again, starting all over again. I believe that I will make it to goal this time. A few weeks ago I was waiting in line to pick up my meds at the pharmacy. There was a blood pressure monitor there, so I thought-what the heck, let's see what my stats are. Well, this was the wake-up call that was desparately needed for me. I can't remember what my top number was, but my low number was 91! Which puts me in the hypertension stage. So, I'm not just trying to lose weight for the feeling & looking fat reason, but for my BP to be lowered & my health to improve. I want to be here for my kids, to see them turn into successful adults. I also hope & dream to be a Grandma one day and to see them grow & turn into successful adults. I'm getting real with myself this time, so this is why I'm posting my starting weight, current weight and last, but not least, my goal weight. So-here it is: 231/226/140 I look forward to keeping in touch with you all. We all can help each other through our long journey's. We'll have some ups and downs along the way, but if we stay REAL with ourselves, we'll get there. Well, my DS needs the computer, so I'll sign out for now. Take care everyone!
  • You have my story
    I think I read about myself when I read your posts. Look away for a minute and you have gained it all back. You can never let your guard down !!

    I am also looking forward to working with people on this site.

    Good Luck!!
  • Hi and welcome to 3FC. Prior to this lifestyle change of mine I avoided the scale for almost 15 years. 15 years. And when I finally went on it told me a whopping 287 lbs at only 5 feet tall. I used it to spur me on instead of letting it get me down.

    I know for me, once I get this weight off, I will have to work just as diligently to KEEP it of as I did to get it off. But in my opinion it is MORE then worth it.

    You've lost weight before and you can without a doubt lose it again. Do you have a plan in mind? Anyway, good luck getting started. Stick around because 3FC is a very valuable weightloss "tool" to have in your pocket.
  • Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. I'm going to need the support!

    Anne: Switzerland is a great place to live. I'm near Bern.

    Rockinrobin: I don't follow a specific plan. I know what works for me: I need to plan my meals (and snacks), record everything that goes into my mouth and exercise everyday. If I say 3 days or even every other day, I put it off and end up giving up. I know this works, I just don't know why I resist it. :-(
  • I'm with you Molly. I also don't follow a specific plan. I've kind of concocted my own little plan suitable just for me, which in actuality is the best plan of all. I also think it is absolutely VITAL to plan out your days and to think of exercise as every single day.

    I really look forward to hearing more from you.
  • I'm new too and I really really want to do it this time!!! I've tried so many different programs and I've always failed. I do not want to be fat anymore! I'm so glad I found 3fc. I know I'm not alone.

  • Hello!

    Does anyone want to keep this thread going? I think that we have a great group of gals here. I believe we could all help one another quite a bit! So, what do you all think?
  • hey im new here too and I feel the same as everyone else...just got on the scale and behold a number that resembles the pregnancy weight that I carried 6 years ago....argh..I know I can do it ...with all this great support
  • Hi guys/gals, sometimes it is good to hear that i am not the only one, back again to lose weight! gosh, you think we would all learn after spending months losing the weight the first time around! i sometimes wish i had a fat suit i could put on occasionally when i am spiralling out of control with my weight, then maybe i wouldn't let things get so far out of hand again!
    I am currently doing OPTIFAST, (don't gasp) but i am only using it as a kickstart for 2 weeks, then i am trying my own version of a diet, moderation, lots of veges, low fat/ low cal. but i agree with the planning, yes i find if i plan my days, i get through, once i have no plan... thats when things go wrong.
    And my big problem is excercise... i do love it when i am finished, but getting myself moving to start can be a problem.