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Default New from NY, only a little bit to lose but always a big struggle

Hi everybody,

I hope not to encounter any criticism over the small amount of weight I hope to lose.

Last year I was at my heaviest at 140 (I am 5'10 but have a very small frame, so the 140 managed to look a little pudgy). After going on an antidepressant I unexpectedly lost 15 pounds. I was very happy at 125, but since the New Year and starting culinary school my weight has crept back up to 135.

So, I am not looking for a huge weight loss, but would like to get back to my "sweet spot" of 125 and learn tactics for not eating everything in sight. You can't imagine how difficult it is cooking for 5 or 6 hours at a time in a classroom and taking home three or four pies/tarts/rich French stews every single night of the week. I hope to learn how to gain control over all this temptation, for good, before my weight rises even higher.

I would really appreciate any tips anyone has on dropping a moderate amount of weight (10 pounds, around 1 dress size) in a reasonably short time.

I love this site and have often read the forums for inspiration before finally deciding to join.

Hi again, and thanks in advance -

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Hi Zynne,

I can't even imagine that you would receive criticism for the small amount of weight that you want to lose! We're all here to get support, encouragement and inspiration

I can't even imagine how much willpower you must have in order to survive the environment that you work in. I used to manage McDonald's, but that's not even comparable to really good food *lol*

Welcome, and good luck!
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S/C/G: 180/130/130

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P.S. I'm sorry if my previous post sounded a little ******ed - it's kind of late, but when I tried to edit what I had written, the system kept logging me out. Grr:|
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Greetings, Zynne!

Do you know about BMI, your body mass index? It is a quick way to assess your weight, although it's not very specific. Basically it just goes on the basis of your height and weight--you can find calculators on the internet.

Anyway, when I use 133 as your weight and 5' 10" as your height, the result is Normal. When I use 125, the result is Underweight. But you say you have a delicate bone structure, so perhaps the BMI values don't tell the whole story.

I'd suggest you get some regular exercise! That might increase your weight at first, but it will be muscle weight and not fat. And you'll find it's easier to lose fat if you are fit.

Also, I'd suggest you stop taking those delicious foods home. If they aren't there, you can't keep eating them.

You might also want to check out the Featherweights forum. Scroll down on the main forums page until you see it.

Good luck!
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