Hi! I'm new from GA, and I'd love some suggestions!

  • Hi everyone! I'm new here and would love some suggestions on losing weight. I've done the Atkins before, but don't want to go that way again. I've been watching my calories and working out at the gym for over a month now, with no results. I know that muscle is heavier than fat, but I haven't even noticed a change in the way my clothing fits. HELP! Anyone got any good ideas? Or great recipes?
  • Hi Kim--I lost thru joining Weight Watchers. It gave me more awareness of portion control. I've been at my goal weight since Nov. 2004; well, except for the 7 pounds that recently rejoined me (argh). I went on the WW Core Plan yesterday and will stick with it for this week. My goal is to lose 3 pounds by May 1. One step at a time!

    PM me if you want to stay connected.

    Good luck in your journey. Did you get a personal training session when you joined your gym? That can be a helpful way to get a good structured fitness program in place.
  • Hi, Kim! I'm new here too! We seem to have the same results. I too joined my local Y in March. I haven't lost a pound, which I really am not worried about because losing inches is more important to me. But I can't seem to do that either. I am trying to watch what I eat. Being a former Atkins dieter myself, I really don't want to go there again either. It worked for a while but after 3 years I got bored with the same old food and stopped. Ergo, the weight gain. What made you stop Atkins? I am trying to keep the carbs, calories down and eating more protien (like Atkins).
    Do you have an account on Fitday? If you don't, you might want to consider it because you can keep track of all of the food you eat. And the journal helps you vent!
    We are also shorties so any weight we gain will surely be noticed quicker than in our taller neighbors!
    All I can give you is encouragement not to give up!!! We have to show a loss sooner or later. There is no way we can gym it for so long and not lose SOMETHING!
    Hang in there and let's use each other for inspiration.

    Nice to meet ya!

    cindy in VA
  • hey there...good luck..where in ga? We all have our own thing. I personally find calorie counting the best for me...i also did like weight watchers when i was doing it. I just can't deny myself certain things..that's why i can't do atkins. Just find something you like..and journal your food daily..it really helps. Good luck!
  • Welcome!!!

    I'm sorry to hear you don't want to do Atkins. Its been a great plan for me...I just celebrated 3 years but...its not for everyone. You have to find what works for you & what you are willing to stick with for a lifetime.

    You CAN do this!!!

    All the best to you!!!

  • Thanks for the input girls! I'll try some more stuff!
  • HI Kim and welcome to 3FC. You wouldn't happen to be from Augusta would you? I'm new to the area and looking for a hairstylist.
    Anyways, I'm on SB it works best for me. I do love vegetables though. I'm fairly new here and found tons of support and answers to questions. You might want to check out various diet sections and see what might work best for you. I don't think there is anything you can't find here.
  • Thanks browneyedgirl77! I'm not from Augusta, sorry! I'm in Carrollton, west of Atlanta.
  • Hey Kim,

    Do you track your calories eaten and calories burned with a program like FitDay? That's what really helped me. Lots of folks tend to overestimate otherwise. Check it out!