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Talking Smaller woman finding it difficult to lose just that little bit.

Hey all. I'm very excited to have finally joined this place. I've seen it before but never took that extra step to joining.

My name's Chelsea and I'm needing help to lose weight. I'll be 21 in a few months and I've decided that for the first time in my life, I want to be fit and slim. I've NEVER been a fit person. I'm not "fat" as you'd say, but I'm not at my ideal weight and I would look a lot better from losing a few kilos.

In American measurements ( ) I'm 5'1 in height and I weigh probably around 125lb. I would like to lose about 20 lb if I can over the course of this year.

I want to do this by increasing my exercise. I'm a bit of a computer geek so I spend a lot of time just sitting here at my comp. I'd like to get out a bit more. Over the past week I've been walking just about every day which makes me feel great. However I'd like to get a little bit into running, and perhaps do some muscle-building exercises in my room.

Running is hard for me as I'm asthmatic and this causes a LOT of pain in my chest. But I'd like to get out and do it maybe two, three times a week. The other days I'll just walk.

What I really need, however, is a buddy or two to really really encourage me through this. Someone I can get to know and chat with online and have support from. Of course, I want to support them too. Equal trade. I have a lot of enthusiasm and make a great encourager! So if anyone's looking for a weight loss buddy then please let me know.

Encouragement is the best thing I can get, I think. It's the most important part of my weight loss goal.

I was once 105lb after I lost weight on a modified version of the South Beach diet, however I still looked chubby. I think it's because I didn't work out, and that's probably what my body needs rather than a strict diet. I think I'd benefit greatly from working out and toning my body.

Are there any professional trainers here, or anyone who has successfully lost significant amounts of weight through exercise, who can clue me in on the fastest, most efficient way to lose my chubbyness and keep it off? I have struggled with eating disorders (anorexia) in the past and all it got me was more depressed. I've decided this will be no more! I want to lose weight the healthy, REAL way. There are no quick fixes. So if anyone can pleeease give me some ideas, or even help me design a really good exercise plan that will help get me noticable results, I would be eternally grateful.

Phew. Sorry for the long first post. It's a real pleasure to meet you guys, I just know I'm going to really enjoy it here, and I hope that I can be a help to someone else. I'd really like to make some friends here.

God bless. <3
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Hi and welcome. You might want to check out the Featherweights room. As there are many others with only small amts. to lose. They could probably give you some great ideas.
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Thanks for the heads up.
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Hi there! If you want to start running then I think the 'couch to 5k' is a great easy-to-get-started plan. I followed it myself and am now running 10k's. The plan can be found on the coolrunning site but a link will bring you directly from any search engine. There is also a C25k (couch to 5 k) thread on this site for support.

Good luck!
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