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Ro22 12-03-2021 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by Tanga22 (Post 5443725)
Way to go Ro! That is amazing that you are speeding through your goals so quickly. Feels so good I am sure. It sounds like your Thanksgiving plans went well and helped to give you a little boost.
I have had a couple of days so far in my (almost) 7 weeks of indulging and I have noticed a similar boost afterwards also. Not to encourage cheating at all!
I am still doing week, chugging along, excited to do my best over the next week and a half before I go away for the week for work. The more I think about it the more I think I will try to stay on plan while I am away. I am so happy with my progress I don't want to do anything to stall it. We'll see.
Take care!

Thatís great, Tanga. I hope you stick with the idea of staying on plan as I hope you get to your goal as quickly as possible. Keep going!

Tanga22 12-07-2021 10:26 AM

Good morning everyone,
Hope all is well. I can't believe it is already December 7th. These past few weeks have gone by so quickly. I am still feeling great and on plan every day. I am looking forward to getting away next week and will stay on plan as much as possible. Still losing at a good pace that I am happy with. I feel great.
Not much to update but wishing everyone the best this week!

cactusblossom 12-07-2021 01:36 PM

Hi friends -

Hope everyone is doing good. I am getting back on track tomorrow, Wednesday. Been bouncing around trying different things, with no success. But I always end up here, so I need to stay here until the end! HOpe to post regularly! have a wonderful day! :)

Tanga22 12-08-2021 06:49 AM

Hi cactusblossom,
Welcome back! I think most of us are in the same boat, have tried different things but IP just gets results. Good luck starting back today. Hope it goes well. It's nice to be able to support each other in this forum!

Ro22 12-16-2021 08:13 AM

Hope your training and whichever plan while away are going well.

Cactus - I hear you and me too. I hope yesterday went well.

For me, yesterday was weigh-in day and I lost 3.5 lbs which was after just .4 pounds the week prior but after a 4 lb loss Thanksgiving week, I was expecting a small loss and then back to normal losses and all that played out over the past two weeks so Iím really happy with that.
It makes staying on plan even while making all the keto Christmas cookie baking easy. Havenít tried any and nor do I intend to until Christmas. Then Iíll get right back on IP much like I did with Thanksgiving. I have a weigh-in before Christmas and I want to make that a good one.

Keep going strong all! Being so busy this time of year makes this plan even easier!

zailo39 12-19-2021 10:10 AM

Why is it so hard to be good during the Holidays? There is food everywhere!!!

Ro22 12-22-2021 10:05 AM

Lost 5.5 lbs this week!!!
My family is saying how small I look and how fast it is happening. Thatís pretty exciting!
I made a ton of recipes at our cookie bake this year (all keto) and so happy I didnít have even a crumb.
I wanted to get this weigh in before Christmas and have a keto Christmas Eve and Day and get right back to IP protocol on December 26. I may fast for a day or two like I did after Thanksgiving but Iíll go by how I feel.
Iím super stoked right now. Tons and tons of energy and sleeping great - very refreshing sleep!

Ro22 12-23-2021 08:37 PM

I was only 3 tenths of a pound from the next ďdecadeĒ at my weekly weigh-in yesterday. I wanted to get to that decade as my Christmas present to myself and so I weighed myself today and found I lost 1.5 lbs in past 24 hours so blew by my goal!!!
Loving the results!!! Things are clicking on all cylinders for me - hoping my two day Christmas keto plan doesnít disrupt things - hoping it helps like Thanksgiving 🙏

Tanga22 12-29-2021 11:07 AM

Hi everyone,
Wow Ro you are doing amazing! Blasting through this challenging season, way to surpass your goal! It is amazing when others make nice comments and you feel so great about reaching those goals.
I had a good week away for work and a nice Christmas. I let myself off-plan for Christmas only, stuck to keto while I was away for work, and am back 100% on plan today.
I have stayed away from the scale and don't plan on weighing in until Monday Jan 3rd.
I am happy with how the past few weeks have gone and am looking forward to the next few weeks and reaching my goal!
Maybe we will see some new faces post-holidays as it's often a time to make some healthy goals.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Ro22 01-02-2022 12:04 PM

That sounds like a pretty good plan, Tanga!
Hopefully, tomorrow will bring you a nice result to kickstart this yearís efforts!

I weighed yesterday and lost another 5.6 pounds since the prior Thursday.
Weight is just melting off me!
I knew once my hormones got more balanced the weight would take care of itself and it is!
My sister-in-law took a picture of me yesterday because she canít believe the comparison in my size from yesterday to when we were in AZ in mid-November. It is striking.
I donít know if Iím going to keep losing like this to my goal but it got me through the worst of it.
Itís been a long time since Iíve been this committed to my weight loss goal in the sense that my goal is similar to when I did IP the first time. I havenít had a goal like that in 7 years.

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