Ideal Protein Chat - Fall 2019

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  • Blueskies2,
    I liked looking at all the clever recipes but only consistently used to make the pancake from the Crispy Cereal, because the old pancakes were restricted, I think. I put it with vanilla pudding and cinnamon. I used two packets to replace the dinner protein and would have it at lunch.

    On the Facebook page, someone (who’s name I don’t recall) made what looks like a Swiss roll. She used a chocolate drink mix packet and some liquid egg whites and maybe baking soda or powder and then vanilla pudding for the filling and Walden Farms caramel for the drizzle. It looked very realistic/good. She said she was a big fan of the British Baking Show. The drink packet created the sponge. Baked it in the oven and everything. Obviously, I haven’t tried it yet. It seems like it would dirty a lot of dishes for two servings.

    I did figure out that you can not add so much water to the wildberry yoghurt drink and put it in the microwave, even without an egg white and baking powder and it does rise into a bit of a muffin/cake thing. You can also use less water and just pretend it is more like yoghurt.

    I’ve also seen lots of bread and pizza crusts with the potato puree as the “starter pack”.

    Way back in 2011 and early 2012 the packets were begging to be hacked as we didn’t have the choices (I mean, now you don’t even have to do the “mug cake” steps, you can just buy a box.) I remember when the pottage first came out and I thought it was amazing because I hadn’t so much as had a kernel of freeze dried corn in probably 6 months. Plus, it had teeny tiny bits of vegetarian chicken. When I had it my first week of Phase 1 this time, I was not nearly as appreciative.

    I should ask the busier group how they think they are going to handle the foods in maintenance that they are creating out of protein packs—buns for burgers, etc. And they can ask me how I think I am going to have some kind of “dessert” for breakfast and after every meal. This is going to be my think about that real hard this week and next week I hope I will be trying whatever it is I’m thinking of. Otherwise, P2 is going to be brutal.

    Did you (or anyone else) have a “go-to” packet hack? Do they still have that packet to hack?
  • Anyone around??
  • Hi, cactusblossom!
    It is pretty lonely in here this time around.
    How is your reboot going? Did you start on the 15th like you planned?
  • Hi All! Iím still around and check the boards less frequently these days, unfortunately. Iíve had a lot going on lately between work, an ill Mom and planning a huge event for my soon to be 13 year old daughter. The stress started to lead me down the road of overeating and too much wine BUT I have gotten it under control. I thought I canít do this again, gain weight, lose weight etc...

    Hope all are doing great and by the end of November I should be back to more frequent check ins and posts.

  • Just saying hello. Is this the conversation thread for November too?
  • Hi, Carla!
    There isn’t a lot of activity so we can make “Fall 2019” last until winter or spring ; )
    I remember your picture from 2011.
    Are you back for a reboot?