Just trying out IP

  • Hi all! I have been off and on these forums for years. Previously (8 years ago) i had some success with medifast, but 8 years and 2 kids later I am back and ready to lose weight. I am doing IP Alternative, have just ordered several boxes. I am getting married in the Spring so I likely wont get to my goal weight before then on IP but I am hoping to do phase 1 for a couple of months.

    I just wanted to make a post in case anyone else is just starting. I have been reading everything like mad on here and on FB and am excited Would love to make a buddy or two on here
  • Hi Spaghetticat! WooHoo! Alberta (waves from over in BC....)
    Do you mean IP style diet with alternative products, or do you mean Alternative IP for Athletes and Diabetics?
    Do as long as you can on phase 1 and you may surprise yourself with how close you get to your goal by your spring wedding. What month?
    If it's later in spring like April or May.... it's possible.

    I've bumped a whole lot of recipe threads to give the newbies around here some yummy ideas so they aren't just eating raw celery, cukes, and packets, lol.
    Are you on the closed FB group Ideal Protein Alternatives?

    (I started IP with coach in Nov 2013 and got to goal at the beginning of March 2014....keeping it off in Maintenance give or take a few lbs generally, low carbing with some Intermittent Fasting 15:9)
  • canadjineh! Hey I lived in BC too before. Alternative as in alternative products but might do for athletes as i am breastfeeding which i have read is a no no but he eats a fair bit and is like 23 pounds. My wedding is in March. I am in a facebook group which i found like 45 files, i read those and then hopped back on here. I havent met with an IP coach or anything like that so I am hoping that my own research and this board plus facebook will be a good support. Ive heard the first 3 days are rought i think it was similar in medifast but it has been a while. I do remember getting to the point i was having no cravings and not super interested in food though. Thanks for saying hi!