IP Scale vs. Home Scales

  • My ideal protein location does not have one of those fancy scales that subtract clothing weight and fat loss etc yet. We have a seemingly normal, probably medical but electronic scale, and I have to hold one of those things in my two hands that calculates fat loss etc.

    I was talking to my coach about how I was excited because I saw a decrease on my scale at home in the morning, and she mentioned that THEIR scales measure bottom to top? And our home scales do too to bottom? I literally have no idea what that even means. Does anyone know?
  • I am curious to understand this!
  • Personally, this makes no sense to me. I don't even know how that could be.
  • I have no idea what she means by this, because all scales measure the downward force being put on them, there is no top or bottom for that.

    She may have been talking specifically about the fat-measuring part of the scale? Some scales have it on the scale itself and send an electrical current up through your feet to measure body fat (therefore starting at the bottom and going upward) while other have the hand paddles, which could be considered to measure from top to bottom. I don't know if this is what she actually meant, but one possible explanation.
  • I use a home scale. I trust that it is correctly submitting my weight. However, scales can be our enemy. I weigh once a week... happy sunday