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Default Aspartame on Ideal Protein

How will aspartame affect my results on Ideal Protein?

I drink the Crystal Light "energy" packs 2x per day for the caffeine. They contain 60 mg caffeine per pack (less than a cup of coffee). I mix the strawberry flavored powder with water. They contain zero sugar, carbs, or fat, but the ingredients do list aspartame. My coach says I absolutely cannot have this, but I am really struggling without the caffeine. Has anyone continued to drink this or something similar while on Ideal Protein?
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All I know is that my paperwork says to avoid artificial sweeteners as your body may respond to them the same way it respounds to sugar.

But then it says one Stevia packet is allowed. So, I don't know.
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I did IP in 2013, so ingredients may have changed since then. I flavored all of my water with Mio, sweetened with sucralose and lost fine. Everyone is different. (I drank 2 liters/day, once in a while an extra glass or 2). I drank the same amount of coffee as I always did.

Everyone reacts differently to additives and other small variations from the program. for me, those variations are how I stayed OP for 7 months, until goal.
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Remember, IP takes a cookie cutter approach such that they defined a protocol that they believe will work for a broad spectrum of the population. As such, they have created a very rigid protocol. The majority of the conversation in this forum is about how each of us apply and handle it so as with any deviation from the protocol, you need to be a sample size of 1 and see how it works for you. It seems very important to you so if you are seeing the results, I wouldn't worry about it.

For me, my results have been the exact same when I did IP the first time and followed it rigidly and consumed only their products with a coach to where I use alternatives and have a few additives (I make an Italian soda with a few squirts of Torani sugar free syrup). In 4 rounds of IP, I have lost on average slightly more than 3 pounds in 3-5 month time frames where the pattern is the same as the average slowly ticks down as time goes on but my average has never dropped below 3. I have never had a week where I gained regardless whether I was rigidly adhering to the protocol or taking minor liberties. So, track your progress to see how you are doing with it.

As a side note, with the energy you get from the plan, I am surprised by the need for caffeine but whether it is mental or physical, if one feels deprived without it, then have it as I am a big believer that eventually that deprivation feeling will sabotage you as you will rebel at some point in a bigger way.
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I have a 5 month old baby that I am up with throughout the night, hence the need for caffeine. Also, I'm sure it's a bit of a mental thing for me. I've always had it and think I need it. I am going to continue using for now and hope for a good weigh in this week. Thanks!
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Aspartame is processed by the body just as if it were sugar. It triggers insulin release thereby not resting the pancrease.
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aspartame, caffeine, crystal light, energy, ideal protein

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