Doing Ideal Protein using only liquid/suppliments?

  • Has anyone tried doing Ideal Protein using only the IP food?

    I do fine drinking my drinks, taking my vitamins, etc., but I lose it when it comes to my meal. I know I have to learn to do this and adapt, but for a little while I think I am going to do IP food/drinks only. Has anyone tried this?

    I think if I do 3 unrestricted drinks and then 1 restricted food per day, that should balance out as far as calories, right?
  • Dauntless: Just wondering what you ate (for what you might have considered a healthy meal) before you started IP? Perhaps we can give you a little guidance on ideas for your real meals.
    Here's a couple of threads where people are posting their daily P1 menu:
    Eating real food - yes, veggies and a natural protein - is very important to figure out NOW. If you are not a veggie person or not fond of meat, there are options for hiding the veg or choosing proteins you might like. You do not have much weight to lose according to your tracker so you need to learn new healthy habits quickly because before you know it you will be at goal.
    Quite a few people have found that eating the real meals including the real protein and all the oil required actually helps them lose weight faster. Your body may rebel with strictly packets and nothing else. This diet is low enough in energy calories without trying to tweak it. Please reconsider for your health. There are all kinds of micronutrients in real food that work synergistically with the vitamins and minerals in the supplements that you would be missing out on.



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