Is it Only Onions?

  • So I know cooked onions are a no, no. Is the same true for scallions, chives and garlic?
  • I have wondered this too. My copy of the phase 1 protocol sheet (March 2015) only specifies onions as raw. Green onions are listed with no disclaimer under select vegetables and garlic and chives are listed under seasonings. So as far as I would gather they are ok cooked or raw. I am just basing it on the sheet and have not got first hand info from a coach.

    My sheet doesn't mention leeks and was curious if any one knows about those? They can sub in nicely is many dishes for onions but with a more mild flavor.
  • Onions are the only cooked "no-no" out of what you guys listed above...

    FYI - it has been confirmed by IP coaches on the Facebook page that leeks were accidentally left off the most recent protocol sheet are are IP compliant
  • Awesome, thanks hysteria!