Choosing your goal weight

  • I was wondering how people went about choosing their goal weight. I picked the middle of the "healthy BMI" range for my height. I was also thinking that maybe it should be based more on body fat percentage, but it hard to choose a weight based on that. What are your thoughts? How did you choose?
  • There is a bit of a discussion happening about that right now here:
  • I picked 140 at first, based on the BMI chart. But after looking at a lot of progress photos, I changed it to 150. For my height, I think that will be a good weight. But as I get closer to that goal, it may need to be adjusted up or down, and I'll just figure that out as I get closer. Right now it's really just an arbitrary number anyway.
  • My goal weight, 150, is in the middle of the range of normal for my height and bone structure (large). I could probably live with being around 160, but I want to get back into running and I think 150 would be easier on my joints. I guess I will see where I am in 4-6 weeks and tweak my goal if necessary.