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Default Fast Food Ideas on Ideal Protein

If you've had success with IP-friendly fast food, please share! It helps to have a few back-up items in case of emergency, which then helps with compliance.

SUBWAY - salad w/double meat, no cheese, lettuce, spinach, cukes, onion, tomatoes (restricted), salt and pepper, oil and vinegar. They use red wine vinegar - just sayin'.

EL POLLO LOCO- grilled chicken breasts without skin, steamed broccoli, pico on the side (pico has tomatoes, which are restricted)
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Chipotle is my go to. Salad with double meat (I usually stick to chicken or steak since the others have lard in them), fajita veggies, mild salsa and green salsa, no dressing.
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Smashburger - grilled chicken salad with no cheese, no dressing, no bacon bits.
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I always have either the individual packs of WF salad dressing or a bottle of it in my car. And I order salads without all the bad stuff and no dressing.
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The hidden power menu at Panera bread always works well with some slight modification for Phase 1.
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Originally Posted by dkc71 View Post
The hidden power menu at Panera bread always works well with some slight modification for Phase 1.
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I had no idea this was there- we used to eat there every Friday before grocery shopping- since I started IP I am hesitant to eat anywhere but at home!
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Here are my "emergency" fast food options:

1) Panda Express - a bowl with steamed veggies (don't eat the carrots) and teriyaki chicken (ask for no sauce)

2) Burger King - ask for a Whopper with no cheese, no ketchup, no mayo and a side salad with no cheese or dressing. dump the contents of the burger onto the salad and discard bun. Add your favorite WF dressing.

3) Someone already mentioned Subway but I also like the salad with chicken breast, lots of veggies especially spinach and cucumbers with WF dressing.

4) I haven't tried it yet but I plan on going next week to Noodles 'n Company - I guess they have new "Buff" bowls and at least a couple of them look like they could be IP-compliant - minus the cheese.
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Thanks for all of the suggestions! I'm like Destony, I struggle when we go out to dinner so I have mostly just avoided it. Meeting friends for lunch next week, I'm going to suggest Panera!!
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i get a burger or broiled chicken sandwich with no bun and a side salad.
Plunk the meat on the salad.

That is possible at most fast food places.
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Seems like discovering suitable fast food options while on the Ideal Protein diet can be difficult, but it's not impossible. One helpful resource to consider is Truff customer service . They can provide guidance on incorporating delicious, compliant ingredients into your fast-food choices, making it easier to stay on track with your diet goals even when dining out. With some creativity and support, you can enjoy satisfying meals that align with your Ideal Protein plan.

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