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Default Fats -

Very nice article with lots of good information. This has been being passed around by some movers in Paleo. Terry Wahls was my original source for me seeing it.

The part I liked the most is this. Note the fat % content without negative effect.

Having noted that caveat for dietary fat subtypes, this study did show multiple negative effects from a diet of 45% fat. But, it also showed that a diet of almost 95% fat the diet that produced ketones had completely different effects. In fact, the trends of the ketogenic diet suggest that it might be the most effective for weight loss when given free access to food, amongst the best diets for weight-loss maintenance, and also one of the best for stimulating new neurons in the fat thermostat. All of which are very positive signs for someone who wants to get and keep fat loss results. These findings are also in line with previous research in humans showing that a ketogenic diet suppresses typical weight-loss induced increases in the hunger hormone ghrelin, as well as in subjective appetite, which are both signs that ketones could have a favorable effect on the fat thermostat. Other research has shown that certain ketone bodies (beta hydroxybutyrate) can reduce inflammation, which may offer a possible mechanistic link for the observations. Whether ketones cause or simply correlate with these favorable physiological effects, a ketogenic diet may be among the best diets we have for sustainable weight loss. I look forward to more long-terms studies evaluating this in humans.
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Scientists are looking at ketogenic diets for dementia... lowering inflammation and promoting new neuron pathways. Hopeful...
Thanks for the interesting link wylothar.

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Excellent article. Thanks for the link.
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Thank you for the article....very informative.

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Thanks for the link!

It makes me wonder if I should try to stay in ketosis (but with a higher total calorie intake) for a while after finishing phases 1 & 2, to help keep my brain convinced that my new weight is my forever weight.

(I'm more than half joking. I'll follow the protocol. But if I start regaining, I'm prepared to go mostly carb-free, to help with the reset.)
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