Vegetable hater here - need advice

  • Don't like em, never have. Taste and especially texture make me grimace. Do any of you good people have any advice?
  • Here are MANY threads with this and similar topics

    Here is a list for your reading pleasure:
  • mash and mix. mash them, mix with ground meat and make patties (like for hamburgers)

    mash them and make sauces and dips. Like tomato sauce or hummus.

    try the whole pallet maybe you find one you like. you can also prepare eggplants like steak for example etc. experiment and try ^^

    and start with cooked veggies, that might be easier than raw
  • I made some meatballs with shredded zucchini, cauliflower and mushrooms inside of them. It was kinda like the substitute for breadcrumbs. They tasted really good. I missed my veggies on the side though but they definitely were 'hidden' in that dish.

    Here is a link to a version of that recipe:

    I know people here use zucchini to make muffins and cookies and such. Follow lisa's link and do a little searching. You aren't the first veggie hater to be on IP.
  • I'm not always eager to eat veggies, either. And, lately, I have been getting sick of them.

    Some of the things I've tried.... ROAST them is the first. It usually gives vegetables a milder and sweeter taste. There are many recipes and tips for roasting veggies on the recipe threads. For example, I have learned to eat and actually like brussels sprouts by roasting them. Same goes with turnip roots, rutabaga, and even radishes. (Try the microwaved radishes recipe on

    Another thing I've tried... peeling things. Sometimes the "strong" or bitter taste is in the skin. I know that many nutrients are in the skins of veggies, but it works for me and I think it's better to eat veggies without their skins than to NOT eat veggies. Plus, I'm finding that my "tastes" are changing as I get further into the diet. I'm hoping that one day I'll learn to like the skins, too.

    For example, I really like zucchini a lot better without the skins. I use some of the recipes I found on this board to roast them with splenda and cinnamon. YUM!

    Some days I feel yucky and can't stand the thought of eating any veggies. When I feel like that, I really try to go with something milder like green beans. In fact, I save green beans for just those times. And, sometimes, I can only handle some iceberg lettuce, but that's very rare. And, it's happening less and less as my body and taste buds adjust to IP.

    Last tip-- TRY every veggie on the list and try it prepared different ways. There are tons of recipes and you may find a new favorite food! Try to have variety and not eat the same things every day.

    Hang in there, keep doing your best to eat those vegetables. We need all the nutrients we can get!
  • I don't think I have ever had a turnip, but I tried roasted turnip fries and I really liked them! Kind of like sweet potato fries! Anyway, my point being...try something new!