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  • We have a humour thread and a song thread but there are so many good quotes that I wanted to have a place to save them too. A picture can be worth a thousand words. So if you have a favourite quote or image, please share

  • Motivation
    Here you go, IP43.

  • Motivation 2
    Really hunger?

  • Hope
    I believe...

  • Quote: Really hunger?
    Love this one. I think I'll print it out and stick it on my fridge.
  • Quote: I believe...
    I'm gonna put this one in the humour thread too - it made me laugh. I wish I was a binge believer
  • I like these motinvation pics
  • Motivation
    These images and sayings have really helped me on this journey, so I have a lot!

  • More

  • More
    So true...

  • I like the suffer one: discipline or regret/disappointment.

    If you are feeling weak - this is the thought:

  • Yup!
    Keep working.