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IP start Aug 2012
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Originally Posted by eandc2006 View Post
You are sooo right about the demoralizing aspect. I just thought that IP did away with phase 3 and read about people all the time going from phase 1 to phase 3. If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Would you move forward with phase 3 and just stay with that a little longer...maybe three weeks rather than two or should I go back and do phase 2. As you know my clinic (old clinic) sucks and I can't seem to get a straight answer from them. 3FC support is better and I really do trust most of the people here for accurate info compared to them
Well, you've already jumped to p3 so it's a little late to back up to p2. Just make sure you stick with p3 for the whole 2 weeks and then follow maintenance so you can truly maintain. Our maintainers are very supportive.
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Will do. I am sticking to phase 3 100 million percent!!!!!!!!!!!!
Believe me, this 29 day reboot was a wakeup call...and I don't want it to come back. Matter of fact, I wouldn't mind losing a few more in maintenance.
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Renee~ Started IP Aug. 25
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Originally Posted by ems70508 View Post
Love it, Lisa. All of it. So important to me. This is my biggest fear. When I first started IP back in September, my fear was my desire running out and I just give up. Now, it's stopping P1 and going back to 'real food' where I have to make actual decisions. My problem before was that I let everyday be a special occasion. Then I 'started over' the next day. Seriously, I fear maintenance and the decisions I have to make everyday, multiple times a day.
Ems, I totally agree with you. While every day is special, it is NOT a special occasion meal-wise. I feel a bit apprehensive about moving forward with the rest of my life, but I also feel stronger. It seems I look at food differently now; it is not PERFECT, but it is a healthier outlook than I had previously. My experiences last summer also provide me with strength and hope, as I was changing my eating patterns and making much better choices, even on vacation. Lastly, I have learned not to let a slip-up become an all-out binge or let me fall back to bad habits. Instead, Imdeal with the slip-up, forgive myself, and move forward. I feel pretty confident!

And, Lisa, thanks for that post. It goes along with changing your mindset about food and treats. A definite necessity!

Originally Posted by Johnsdeere View Post
Does anyone else still enjoy cooking/baking, even if they are not eatting it? I know this might sound weird to some but, I really enjoy baking and it's funny but, baking for others is just as good to me as actually eatting what I'm baking. Prior to getting pregnant two years ago my husband and I followed Adkins for two years, I baked then. For the past two years when I was pregnant and nursing I didn't bake much, I didn't have the time. Pattern there?
Some might look at it as being a chance to undermind my dieting however; I find it is just the opposite. I have found fabulous pins on Pinterst, I post on what I've tried. I love finding new recipes and trying them on people. I'm just wondering if anyone else out there still bakes or even cook though though they don't partake. I think it is the foodie in me that still enjoys being involved with food.

Love to hear if there are others!
My daughter is in her last semester of pastry school. She has been on IP (alts) since early January, yet she still bakes and shares. I am so proud of her, but she definitely has to,farm out the goodies- they would tempt ME too much if she left them in the house! Apparently, though, the treats do not tempt her much.

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Default WTG Suzie

Your photos are proud!
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Susie - pics are great - way to go.
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Third time's the charm!
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Thanks everyone
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I go in for my consult Friday morning. I want to start the diet that day but im not sure what I should do for breakfast before I go. Because I won't be back home till almost noon. Does anybody have any thoughts? Thanks
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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
Beck Diet Solution Think Thin Thursday

"When our dieters have trouble figuring out whether or not what they’re feeling is hunger or something else (a craving, wanting to eat for emotional reasons, etc.) we ask them to take the “tofu test”: if they would eat plain tofu in that moment , then they’re probably hungry. If they’re craving something else, then it’s likely not true hunger underlining the desire to eat."

I use plain romaine lettuce leaves as my test.
These last two weeks I have experienced hunger like I have not yet on this plan. Most days I'm pretty sure I would eat tree bark if it was put in front of me. Instead I grab a mini cucumber (or two). TOM is any day now, so hoping I'll cross this bridge with its arrival.
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Susie - you look *gorgeous* girl!! We're about the same size but I'm no way near as cute as you.

Nola - I'm sorry you were going through some rough times Glad you are back and keep at it!

Quick check in - I picked up a Fitbit Flex today and I'm having fun playing with it

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Originally Posted by Butterfli3 View Post
I go in for my consult Friday morning. I want to start the diet that day but im not sure what I should do for breakfast before I go. Because I won't be back home till almost noon. Does anybody have any thoughts? Thanks
How in depth have you read on here or elsewhere about IP? Not sure how familiar you are with it. Also since you are talking about tomorrow, you really don't have much time tonight to prepare. Tonight you can start cleaning out your pantry and fridge of carbs, sugars and fats and if time, shop for some fresh veggies following the select veggies listed on the P1 sheet in the Daily Chat links.

Your coach will get you the first week of food to start the next day with breakfast, so for Friday, you can "practice" for IP by eliminating or at least restricting carbs... Bfast could be a couple scrambled eggs w/peppers and mushrooms, lunch on a nice salad with a little protein and low fat dressing (or buy some Walden Farms dressing since you will use that or homemade on IP). Plan on 8 oz of meat (weighed raw) and 2 cups of IP select veggies for dinner... Oh, and DRINK DRINK DRINK lots of water. End your day with some nice tea and approved sweetener (stevia or Splenda). Then you will be ready to start your full plan Sat morning!

Oh yes... And READ READ READ here and post your questions as you go.

You CAN do it!

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shrinkingsusie- GREAT JOB!!!!!!!! You look amazing. Inspirational!

Nola- Hope the stress gets better, have been there the last few weeks a lot going on at work and have been hungry, but trying to stay strong on IP, but has been hard.

Hope everyone has a great night and stay warm.
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shrinkingsusie - AWESOME photos!!! You are an inspiration to all of us.
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Susie, you look fabulous and super healthy and strong. Congratulations
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Shrinking Susie..I have been watching your journey on the IP threads.I am very impressed with your progress and although I am not formally on the IP program I am invading this thread to congratulate you on your successes.I live in Belleville...just down the road from you and am following a high protein low carbohydrate diet.I do weigh my food and record my calories daily and do not exceed 1200/day.I also drink whey protein daily. look fantastic and I'll bet your husband is proud of you because I certainly am.
I have lost at least 20 lb since mid November and now weigh 142 at 5ft 5 1/2 inches
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maintaining since 9/2013
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Shrinkingsusie, WOW you look great!
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