OMG I just licked my finger!!!

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  • Quote: Ha! You're OK....until you start licking other people's fingers!
  • Quote: Ha! You're OK....until you start licking other people's fingers!
    This made me crack up. We had a fund raising bake sale at work this weekend and I made several batches of cookie bars. Managed to avoid most of the finger licking and relied on the hubby for the final taste testing. I even let him lick my finger a couple of times....
    Then I managed to donate but not eat a single thing. So very proud of the control (I haven't had any in the longest time) and the scale rewarded me for my good behavior this morning. 2.4 lb down since Friday
  • Similar experience, but not because of children - because of my fiance!

    We drink water with some of those Mio water flavoring thingies, and we always share each other's drinks. I saw that he had made himself a glass, and I went to take a huge gulp out of it when I saw his mouth open in horror and his eyes widen. Too late, I realized that I tasted bananas and alcohol mixed in with the flavored water - as in 99 Bananas, which is 99 proof liqueur. Thankfully, I only accidentally ingested a couple drops before I quickly spit it out.
  • LOL all these stories hit so close to licking my finger after making my sons toast and running around the kitchen in a panic looking for a paper towels to wipe the crumbs off with.
  • You girls are too funny ! I am laughing here alone in tears!
  • You're fine as long as you don't keep doing it (it's my cryptonite, then it can be dangerous !)
  • Last summer we were in a boat and the boys said "What is floating in the water?"... I had absentmindedly taken a potato chip and was sucking the salt and vinegar off thinking "I won't eat it. I'll just get the flavour", then I threw the chip in the water. After a few of these, thinking I was "getting my salt", I also realized I was getting the "fat" as well so stopped, but by then I had a little "trail" of the evidence floating beside the boat. They were mad I was wasting chips but I felt almost