What is your next inspiration clothing item? Or maybe an inspiration event?

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  • I have the cutest bride maid's dress for a wedding this summer, and I really hope to be able to squeeze into it. (I don't have enough posts to post a picture, but it really is adorable).

    Quote: I also miss wearing my knee high boots with skinny jeans.
    This, too. I hate my fat calves!
  • my wedding dress August 3, 2014 at 125 lbs

    I would even settle for 130
  • Love these! Such positive thoughts on a cold,dreary day. Keep them coming
  • I would like to buy a cute dress for my nieces wedding the end of June
  • I have quite a few things keeping me on track:
    1) A work trip to Mexico on Feb 10 -(want to be close to what I weighed last year so they don't notice how much weight i gained)
    2) A friend's wedding in Mexico Feb 20-25 (want to be looking and feeling pretty darn good, hopefully in the 150's)
    3) My 30th birthday on April 10- GOAL by then of 140 or less
  • Oh and fitting into my clothes again!
  • 1.) I have to sit with the board of trustees from my University to deliver the student body report in late February
    2. ) My graduation in May is a big one for me.
  • You are going to look awesome at your graduation, Deana!
  • I am going to my nephew's wedding in March. It's where I went to high school and I havent been back in over 25 years. I'm also going to see my old hs friends and I haven't seen my family since I started, so I am hoping to rock some new cute outfits at all events.
  • A friends wedding on March 15th
  • Las Vegas in March! Won't be at goal yet but will be close!
  • I will be the mother of the groom at the end of April!
    also planning a cruise to Alaska sometime this summer!!!
  • Quote: I would really like to be done with all four stages by my birthday at the end of June, sooner if possible. I don't have a vacation planned yet (thinking May) and would like to be done by then.
    Too funny Carol - my birthday is also the end of June and I am aiming to be in maintenance by then or sooner. (Thinking of lowering my goal, I don't expect it to take me that long to lose 8 pounds!)
  • Wow looks like everyone has something exciting on their minds! I have my ten year highschool reunion in July so that is my ultimate goal weight time. But hopefully before summer so I can not be embarrassed in a bikini to get a tan. Also I am in the process of buying a timeshare on a lake and we will have a week there in August. I want to go buy a bunch of new cute summer clothes. And I won't have to feel all uncomfortable and hot the whole week! So exciting to read everyone's posts.
  • Hey SarahJ! We have similar stats, would love to chat with you a bit more. How far into the program are you?