IP Weekend Chat Sat 1/25 - Sun 1/26/2014

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  • Jo, I hope you have a wonderful time on your warm holiday! Just think how cute you will look in your new clothes Way to go on the sit ups!
  • Good Morning everyone. So yesterday I had a cheat day. I had pizza for lunch, and a cheeseburger for dinner, and cheese for a snack. Don't really feel bad about it…i.e. - not beating myself up over it.

    But more notably, all those carbs gave me crazy bad indigestion. Back on IP today. Easy to do when all those carbs give you indigestion like that!
  • Quote: Not sure I am ready for the pedicure, but it may be a summer present. I am a nail biter, so have been working really hard to not bite them. They are looking much better so maybe a manicure will help them stay that way!
    drd - I read things a lot funnier than they are written I think! On my first read through I thought you were trying to stop biting your toenails!
  • Nope, although the thought occurred to me that someone might think that.
  • Quote: Just enjoyed a lovely breakfast of coffee and a cinnamon roll Quest bar. Yum!
    That is my go to breakfast everyday. Never thought I'd be such a creature of habit. I hoped you warmed the quest bar in the microwave...it makes it lots better. Enjoy your day
  • I'm doing my best to be well-prepared for a busy day today. My youngest has a volleyball tournament all day. I made up some zucchini muffins with the maple oatmeal packet and packed a salad, so I'll be good for lunch. Then tonight, I have a pageant to attend (I volunteer with the state Miss America organization) and there is always a big after party...this one will be a breakfast buffet. I'm a little scared going into it, since it'll be my first one while on IP. But, I'm going to eat my snack prior to the pageant and then use the buffet as my dinner. I have someone with me that has lost 45 pounds on IP and is on maintenance, so she will be a huge help. They'll be things there I can eat and I'll just do my best. Eggs, meat (probably not lean protein, but I'll do what I need to), hopefully some veggies. I'll be good...and if there isn't anything, I'll just eat something when I get home, but it'll be super late. It's either that or rush a dinner in between the tournament and the pageant and then sit there not eating anything tonight with everyone. Praying for good options! At least I'll have support.
  • Quote: You and I share the lack of such treats. I started just last year and I have to add that although a manicure is a special treat, I have become addicted to pedicures. The place I go does a massage as well as heated paraffin wrap for the feet and legs. It is an astonishing relaxation time - there is something in the feet that goes straight to the brain during a massage. If you have time, try that as well!
    SOOO want a pedicure..but heavy socks and boots... ??? Think I'll wait a few more weeks...til at least can ditch the heavy socks!!! My feet haven't been warm since before Halloween!!
  • Futurefitchick
    I am such a different type of person than I was three months ago, it's amazing to me what weight loss can do for your attitude.
    Stay on track and watch the great results
  • My office is also having a biggest losser competition and our official final weigh in was suppose to be on january 2 and no go.
    My boss told everyone he would do anything he could to beat me. So he said he was getting back on IP to get more weight off and win the competition. So last Monday I took my scale to work and asked him if we could do the weigh in then, and he said no due to drinking too much beer on Sunday. So no weigh in yet...I really, really, want to win but I am hoping Monday will be the weigh in and we are doing percentage of weight loss. I will keep you all posted.
    I also registered for my running of my first 10 k in Fargo, ND this May and I am really excited. Now to stay on track and keep training....
  • Have a great weekend everyone....
  • Another cold and snowy day here. It is a good thing I am 100% OP or I would be munching my way to added weight. We were suppose to go out of town to celebrate youngest daughter birthday but got an hour into our trip had to come back home. The roads were icy any we couldn't see the cars in front of us. The snow was blowing so hard. My first thought was I am going off plan today and eat some sweets. Luckily that was a passing thought and I am once again in control of my eating.
  • When I drove into Champaign this afternoon, the roads were terrible. Amazing how so little snow can make such a mess when blown by 40 mph winds.

    I have to drive back in for my gala later. I hope there is food that I can eat, but I plan on eating a salad before I go just in case. Never go into an uncertain situation hungry.
  • [QUOTE=lisa32989;4927898]Futurefitchick

    Since your surgeries are orthopedic, LOTS of people have had success with being on IP pre/post OP. Your temptation to prep foods ahead-of-time is spot-on! You'll be all set with everything you need. Contrary to popular beliefs we don't need fruit, dairy or grains to survive and MDs know very little about nutrition so really aren't our best go-tos on that front. The 3 main dietary components protein, fat, carbs, are all contained in IP. What you may end up needing is an extra packet while you're healing. I KNOW we've had others who have had orthopedic surgeries. Hopefully they'll chime in with their experience. One gal had knee replacement and just kept-on losing

    With utmost respect, I would have to disagree with the premise that 'since it's orthopedic', and since 'lots of people have had success' is a reliable way to predict success for any one person with a specific surgery.

    Wound healing is a complex & labor-intensive cellular process. Different surgeries have different inherent risks to healing. For instance, a joint replacement is different than a ligament reconstruction that might involve tissue grafting, to name just one. As I've read on this forum, restrictive dieting can have unexpected side effects, even dramatic hair loss as I've experienced (temporary!). And each person might have different risk factors that can complicate healing, such as history of smoking or diabetes and so on.

    That is why I would run it past my surgeon. They certainly aren't experts on nutrition but they are well-versed in what helps or hinders surgical healing for the operations they do, at least the well-trained ones. I guess we can agree to disagree
  • Enjoy your trip PURPLEMONSTER

    I am off also to Mexico on Monday
    (I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again...)

    I work tomorrow Sunday (7am -2pm) and then drive to Winnipeg at 200pm stay overnight and fly out at 550 am!
    I've got some of my powder drinks packed and am ready for a wonderful Sun filled vacation with my hubby and 4 year old twin boys.
  • Quote: Good Morning everyone. So yesterday I had a cheat day. I had pizza for lunch, and a cheeseburger for dinner, and cheese for a snack. Don't really feel bad about it…i.e. - not beating myself up over it.

    But more notably, all those carbs gave me crazy bad indigestion. Back on IP today. Easy to do when all those carbs give you indigestion like that!
    Get back on track and stay On Program. You have set your goals set and you can do. We all know it is harder when you are not following and in control. Stay away from the Carb addiction, in the end you will be happier healthier woman, instead of having a moment of gratification from "crap food"