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Originally Posted by tinespeens View Post
Hello. New to this forum. Just started IP this past Saturday. So far it's been easier than I expected it to be. The one thing I am worried about is my weight obsession. I have always been a religious weigher.
One of the main reasons it's taken me so long to start the program is because I was worried that I would still be so concerned about the number on the scale, it would drive me crazy.
I know I have to focus on the mini achievements, it's just a thing I have to learn to deal with.
Hope everyone is having a great day.
Welcome tinespeens! I am in the same area as you are (Ottawa Valley)

Some people weigh every day, others only weekly. Since you fear your obsession might drive you crazy, hiding the scale might be a good idea.

Whether you end up weighing weekly or more often than that, as long as you stay 100% on plan, you will love the results. Just stick to it, even if the scale doesn't give you what you were hoping for every time; next time will be better!
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Originally Posted by coffeebean View Post
Day 21 of my reboot. I said this earlier in my reboot but I will mention it again. When I lost my 30 pounds in 2010 I never ate restricted. I have tried rebooting since then without any success but I was having 1 restricted bar every day. This time around I am not eating restricted and for some reason the weight is coming off and it seems easier. I know it does not affect some people eating restricted but for me I do think it affected my success. Have a 100% IP day.
Coffee bean-
For what it's worth, I also do not use restricteds. When I was still working on losing my weight last winter and through last summer,I 100% on protocol. IP restricted items all have gluten in them so I limited my self to IP products I was able to use and get pretty easily. (Did not order any of the online places like nashua. Although I did use EAS carb control RTD for travel and variety (also liked that the choc and vanilla drinks are 11 oz instead of 8) and were pretty close to calories/protein and pretty low carbs as IP. Never had a stall..and the slowdowns in my losses after I hit 119 lbs at the end were I am sure casued by being pretty close to ideal weight for my size and in a normal BMI range.

Some people do seem to still lose with using them...but it makes sense that once the weight loss is close to goal...every little thing can be a factor. For most people, it is a lot of little things that add weight and eventually cause a problem.

PS- I also began low intensity workouts 6/days a week in early April and never noticed any change in my wt loss pattern which was established by then.
The only variation in the diet was I allowed myself real egg white omlettes instead of IP. To mimick a packet I used 3 egg white (=under 60 calories) and added mushrooms and spinach and bell peppers to give me a few carbs (under 7-8 is in most IP food. Eas is under 4) and did not usually subtract that small amount from the daily veggie measurment. My goal was to clone the nutrition in a packet.

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