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We're all so different in our likes and dislikes, etc.

Anyway, just for the record: I completely cut out all sodas when I did IP and have not added them back in after 8 months of maintenance. I just feel better without them.

Never used WF either.

As for sugar free gum: When I was on IP I would have a HALF piece of gum some days. If I needed more, I'd have the other half. It's a tiny piece and I don't think it hindered my weight loss. Now on maintenance I still have a half piece at a time.
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Originally Posted by MustangMolly View Post
Hi "newbie" thanks for the information, I don't have the current sheets and have been gone for a while.
Hi MustangMolly
Links to the newest sheets are in the stickies. Start with the most recent post and work your way back til you find it. I posted it so that'll help your search.
Or there is a link in the first post of the daily chat

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Thanks for the good info MustangMolly, Sounds worth looking into for sure. I normally try to avoid heavy use of artificial flavorings but let the leash out for P1--it would have been grim for me without Mio. Your post reminds me that it's time to start phasing out the sucralose. I hope I haven't substituted a sugar addiction for sucralose addiction.

Ruth Ann, Huge thanks for acknowledging that! Congratulations back at YOU- Wow!
After 3 mo at goal I gained back 12lbs while waiting for winter solstice! I'm on P1 for a couple of weeks & it feels great to have a clear head again. I can't wait to get back to P4 and enjoy treats like butternut squash & an apple AND feel great. Whoever said nothing tastes as good as being slim feels nailed it!

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I went "cold turkey" when I started IP and cut out soda, alcohol (I only ever had a drink or two a month), and gum. I am starting to limit my sucralose - but I do eat the IP products that contain it and also do add some to a couple of things - but I have gone down considerably in the past couple of months.

I want to try the new soda made with Stevia - Zevia. IP provided information in one of their daily videos.

I actually like some of the WF products. I use the marshmallow dip daily and like some of the salad dressings. I have never been a fan of oil and vinegar. I know a lot of people do not care for the dressings, but it's like when you go from regular soda to diet - you get used to the taste. Also, if I only get WF dressings or no dressing, I will choose WF.
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I also quit cold turkey on the soft drinks when I started IP. I've had a few sips here and there of Honey's soda and it just tastes GROSS now.
I did try the Zevia's once YUCK! It tasted flat and overly sweet. ended up giving it to DD to finish.

I also like the WF ranch dressing and the chipotle mayo. Haven't tried the marshmallow because I feel like it would be a trigger for me. I used to eat the Marshmallow fluff straight from the jar.
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