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Originally Posted by cadesshe View Post
Hi, I'm in the same boat with the rest of you. Holidays kicked me. I have candy still in the house that will be done away with soon.
It's hard to escape the sugar around the holidays, I put everything sweet in a grocery bag and gave it to my husband to take to work. No sense in having temptation in the cabinets
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Restart 12/29/13
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Originally Posted by mckaren4 View Post
Rnforbabies I am so sorry for your loss. Christmas day my dil who was 37 weeks pregnant lost her baby but didn't deliver it till yesterday. We are all grieving the loss of our first grandson. Your post brought some comfort to see you planning for another child. I will be praying for you!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story-it helps me not feel so sorry for myself.....and gives me hope!!! Grief is such an emotional burden...we all have to work thru it.....
I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your first grandson. I have a daughter, but my son would have been the first boy in generations! I heard a quote that "the only cure for grief is to grieve." I think it's so true. It's been a little more than a month since my son died and my emotions have been all over the place. I think you'll find you'll have a few good days, then get set back with a bad day, especially after things start to go "back to normal" for everyone around you. I know my Mom felt a lot of support right after from her friends/family/etc, but eventually the flowers, meals and cards stop and you may feel very alone in your grief. The best advice I can give you is to just accept whatever emotions you are feeling, whether it's sadness, anger or confusion. Lastly, since I know I'm really off-topic here, please keep reaching out to your DIL. My MIL and I aren't particularly close. The day I had to deliver my sleeping baby, I didn't want to talk to anyone. She BEGGED me to call her, so I did. She told me how she was going to be there for me, blah, blah, blah. Since that day she hasn't said one thing. Nothing. We have seen each other Thanksgiving (4 days after), my birthday, my husband's birthday and Christmas (where I did all the cooking and had a house full of people). She never once asked how I was feeling or mentioned my son. I think a common misconception is that mentioning a grieving mother's child will cause her pain. It couldn't be farther from the truth. Talking about him is all I have left. If you're missing him, tell your DIL. It will make her feel good that she's not the only one. My Mom always says, "I can't believe this happened to us" and other phrases that use "us." That feels good too. I'm so sorry you lost your sweet grandson, especially this time if year. All the best to you and your family. I'll be thinking of you. Be well.

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Rn4babies. Thanks again -j will follow your advice and let my dil know when I am thinking of baby Samuel.
Since I shared my tradgedy let me also share my joy! My youngest son is getting married at the end of April! I want to be as near to goal at the wedding. Ideal protein is the tool to achieve my weight loss goal!!!!
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Re-start IP 1/1/14
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Thanks for starting this thread. I lost over 40 lbs on IP in spring 2012 and thought I would never regain. I gained every pound back, and then some. I have tried to restart more times than I can count in the last six months, and think I'm
Now ready to go January 1st but with alternatives, as I can't shell out the cash to pay for it again. Let me tell you, it will all come back if you're not careful. 5 lbs quickly turns into 10, and so on. This site has helped me so much and I look forward to beginning this journey again.
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I am so glad I am not alone. I too will be restarting Jan 2nd. I had lost a total of 68lbs last Jan-Jun and due to the holidays and all the baking I do, I have gained back about 15lbs!!! UGH! So back I come!
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So glad to be back. I rebooted Dec 26th and already feel better.
I have gained about 14 pounds since May 7. So almost half of my 33 pound loss. I will change my ticker on my first weigh in this Friday. Thanks
Good Luck everyone.
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It's so nice to see this thread, and see all the activity in it! Seemed like for a while Sunflower and I were the only ones rebooting!
I haven't been on plan for the last couple weeks, but trying to be sensible. Believe it or not the batteries in our scale died so I haven't had a scale in about a week. I figured it was a sign that I shouldn't bother weighing!
I am heading on an all inclusive vacation in two weeks. I'm torn because I want to lose a few pounds still, but also don't want to spend 2 weeks worth of money on IP just to regain it while on vacation. I'm gonna try doing alternatives and focus on animal protein rather than the IP products until I'm back. Then hopefully get back on track with IP products, since that's what's always worked for me in the past!
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Ideal Protein 5/20/14
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Hello, I am back to start again and get this weigh off for good. I lost 50 lbs on Ideal Protein a couple years ago. I've gained 30 lbs back. I didn't phase off properly. This will be a great support system.
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Count me in! I was on IP almost two years ago but got pregnant and now have an almost 14 month old! I lost 30 lbs the first time and am ready to knock off the final 45 lbs to get to goal weight. Starting fresh on 1/6/14 and am ready to rock!! Looking for motivation and good recipes Good luck everyone!
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I'm restarting Jan 2nd. Will update my stats shortly. Originally lost 40 lbs on IP back in the fall of 2012 although I was only trying to lose 30. I regained about 5 lbs (of the 40) thru the summer of 2013 and now another 5 over the holidays. Hoping to lose those 10 lbs and maybe a couple more. I felt sooooo much better at the lower weight.
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Renee~ Started IP Aug. 25
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Hi, Rebooters/ Restarters! Happy New Year!

I am sorry to read about the challenges and grief being faced by my fellow IPers during this season. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I wish you the best in the coming year.

Hubby and I phased off for the holidays and have done fairly well. He has gained back about ten pounds, and I gained back five. I know part of this was to be expected with replenishing the glycogen, etc., so I am not disappointed.

I am happy to be restarting with all of you. I reached my goal on the scale at the end of November, but I would like to go down one or two more clothing sizes. (My goal weight was just an arbitrary number, anyway, based on a healthier BMI but not much else.) So I am thinking maybe 15-20 more pounds? I also joined the First Day of Spring Challenge for some extra motivation.

Good luck to you all!

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Count me in as well. I restarted on 12-20. I reached goal in February of 2012 and successfully maintained until August when my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I still maintained well until I had to take a leave from work after his surgery to help him at home. I gained 15 pounds back which I am determined to lose again forever. I returned back to work in the beginning of December and my husband is recovering well although not back to work yet. I will have my first weigh in at my clinic on 1-3 because of the holiday schedule. I am excited about so many of us supporting each other as we move ahead.
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good morning all. I am back with you. I lost 70 # on IP in late 2011 and hit maintenance in April 2012. did failry well til spring of 2013 when the willpower went out the window. Have gained back most of it. Restarted in early November (recognizing some names and monikers from then- Hey NewEnglander and knm) and lost 10 in 3 weeks, only to have a major stress hit on the first night of Channukkah (thanksgiving eve) and it once again went out the window.

So here I am. Actually feel sick from the quantity of carbs in my diet of late. Started back yesterday and feeling good so far. a bit irritable before supper last night but mostly ok. plan is to lose 25 or 30 before spring travel plans.
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nice to see so many rebooters here - I was going to start on Saturday but decided what's a few more days, so will officially start on Jan 2nd. Tonight I'm heading to a New Year's Eve party so wouldn't mind having a drink (I don't drink more than 2 drinks normally).

Still staying away from the sweets though. Yesterday I had a good day, went to bed hungry but overall happy with my calorie count. This way atleast I won't gain much more until I officially restart.

I stepped on the scale a couple days ago and it shows 146, so officially gained back 6 lbs in 2 months, I'm happy with that. Looking forward to seeing 140 on the scale again and hopefully 130 by my first fitting in May.

Good luck everyone. Let's keep each other accountable. Happy New Year!
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Default Restart

Add me to the list! I am hoping that by posting on the forum, I will be held accountable. Having trouble getting thru the day. Day 2 today and going strong!!

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