My AHa Moment! What was yours?

  • I'll be honest. I've been lurking around the message boards daily...sometimes multiple times a day. Mainly for inspiration and information, but I haven't had the guts to post myself. I don't know if it was because I felt like I didn't have anything noteworthy to report or maybe it was just gathering some confidence to feel comfortable myself to be able to talk about my journey.


    I'm a 5'4"/starting weight- 165lbs/32 year-old vegetarian (no meat or seafood) and have a hypothyroid (so can't always indulge in soy as a protein either). Weight loss has always been a struggle. I have yo-yo'd my entire life as someone who is carb-dependent and when I saw a friend have tremendous success with this program, I thought - let me give it a go! This is the heaviest I've ever been I haven't ever tried any other programs, but I have had a personal trainer once and that was an amazing experience (albeit very costly!). This diet fits my lifestyle a bit more (late hours due to work so not always able to exercise, so figured diet is something I can try to control a bit more with some focus).

    I started the program on a Sunday to avoid the Monday start (which never has worked for me!) right at the end of September. I have been steadily losing a few pounds here weekly (week 1 - 4lbs, week 2 - 3lbs, week 3 - 2.5lbs). I should add that in between, I did have a weekend vacation that included drinking beer and poor eating/carbs for 2 days and another night out on a date that included 2 vodka sodas. As a single girl in my early thirties who is trying to be social with friends and date in a new city, to say this has been a challenge would be an understatement (I have even had tea on a date before to avoid drinking!). The non-drinking isn't so bad since I am not a heavy drinker normally, but eating out is extremely tough since my proteins are really just eggs and sometimes tofu and not a lot of restaurants offer good options unless you are doing brunch. I used to get protein from dairy, nuts, wheat, and beans and those aren't options right now in phase 1. I finally realized that I could either have some setbacks along the way and keep plugging ahead or I could go hardcore and lock myself away to focus for a few months, but then run the risk of binging when I finally do hit my goals. I chose the first (this is what worked best for me since the latter has happened to me before). I didn't stress while I was on vacation and then jumped right back on Monday morning when I returned. Truly a first for me.

    Yesterday while doing some research, I found that two of the products I bought this weekend are restricted. There was someone subbing in for my coach when I went for my weigh-in last week and I asked him 2x if they were unrestricted products before I purchased and he confirmed they were. I can't tell you how upset I was yesterday when I found out the dill pickle zippers and the white cheddar ridges were restricted. I am still learning clearly and really look to my coach/his team to provide me the right guidance. I have been very diligent about not eating restricted foods from the get-go (outside of the times I knew I would not be on protocol) so I was really discouraged and lesson learned- I am now reading every label myself.

    I don't usually weigh myself in between my actual weigh-ins, but today I decided to see what the damage looked like since I had been eating these products 3 days in a row. The unexpected happened-- I had my aha moment! Yes, I had a few setbacks (this is just real life though at times right?), but I have lost 12 lbs since I started (3.5 weeks ago!). If I lose 10 more, I'll be a weight I haven't been at since I was right out of college. I think this was the encouragement I needed to see to know that even though this has been tough, the science is working!

    My roommate has mentioned to me that I am looking thinner but I really just haven't felt it so much (mental games with myself I guess), but I actually feel happy/proud today (which in hindsight, I should have been feeling all along with each pound lost). It really was that moment I needed to have to truly feel like this is working and I am encouraged to do this all the way!

    Forgive me if this has been discussed before since this is my first post, but i'd really love to hear --- what has been your aha moment (first or many)?
  • Great post!
    Thanks for a great post! It's nice you're doing so well. I am not sure that I've had my "a ha moment" yet, but I did realize earlier in the week that I no longer descended stairs like an old woman, by putting both feet on the same riser before moving to the next step, but can now walk down with one foot on each step in a steady, flowing movement. It's a good feeling, one of many more to come as this incredible weight loss journey continues. Keep up the good work!
  • Thank you for your encouragement!

    And I certainly think it is those moments (like walking down the steps in a steady, flowing movement!) that give us that little pep in our step we need to keep going. Thank you for being an inspiration to newbies like me -- you have amazing weight loss numbers!
  • I have had many aha (or at last!) moments, here are a couple of my favorites...
    - walking into my spin class and hearing "Hi Skinny" and it was meant for me!
    -going from the 21's to the 17's!
    -seeing my daughter after her first month at college and hearing her say "well look at you!"
    -being able to cross my legs!
    -being able to do back to back classes at the gym 3x per week
    -general well being
    -hubby bought me a bikini to wear on our vacation to Honduras in 2 weeks.
    -being lighter than my wedding weight on my 21st anniversary last week

    As the pounds fall off, the moments pile up!

    Best of luck to you!
  • My "aha" moments have kept on climbing since I started IP.
    - cross my legs
    -none of my clothes fit and when I go to buy new ones, they ALL fit!!
    - not being disgusted looking in the mirror
    - my hubby telling me every single day how proud he is of me.
    -people not recognizing me because I'm now "skinny" according to them.

    The list continues to grow.
  • Every single one of these made me smile. Thank you for sharing!