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Question Snacks to help curve afternoon hunger

I know they say they you are not supposed to be hungry on this diet but I find myself hungry mid afternoon. I was wondering if anyone else deals with this and has any snack ideas to help through it. I have tried drinking water and eating an unlimited amount if lettuce to no help. I don't want to eat anouther packet but was thinking maybe sme hard boiled eggs, was shakes etc
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You might try hot decaf herbal tea - for some reason the warm drinks seem to keep me feeling full.

Also, I don't know how long you've been on but sometimes it's a matter of breaking a habit. If you have always snacked in the afternoon (and I'm a notorious afternoon snacker!) it may be that you just need to break that habit. I keep a big bowl of lettuce on my desk just for that purpose - if lettuce doesn't sound good, you probably aren't really hungry, just mouth hungry.

A dill pickle spear can help too.
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I have continually found that I am hungry midafternoon. As such, I eat like this:
8:30-ish - Generally Vanilla drink or RTD chocolate drink
11:30-ish - Lunch (protein meal)
2:30 or 3:00-ish - IP Snack, generally pudding.
5:30 or 6:00-ish - Dinner (veggies and IP). Sometimes I have IP packet later instead of with dinner. Sometimes I have another packet in the evening, something light like Raspberry Jelly.
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