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I drink a minimum of two Nalgene bottles (waterbootles that are 32oz) at work and then with dinner, while hanging out at the house, I don't track because I easily exceed my required 70 oz.
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I bought a BPA-free 1 gallon refillable jug at Whole Foods. I fill that sucker every AM and drink out of it all day. It has to be empty by the time I head to bed.
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I'm on my second week of IP Phase 1 and every morning I fill up three 24 oz. Camelback bottles. I make sure I have one with me wherever I go and make sure they are all consumed (I also get more water that doesn't go in the Camelback). I have gotten so in the habit of having a water bottle with me, that I remember it better than I do my phone.
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Keep 2 different colored BPA free 32 oz containers and always start with the pink one... When its empty refill 1/2 way and put in freezer. Then finish off the green one and do the same thing. Pull pink one out add water to top off that Xbottle and have to finish the day with the pink one gone before bed. Refill 1/2 way so ready to go again in the morning!
Now.. Missing my routine big time. In Tx where it is about 100 today.... Using reg water glasses.... And while I was posting this (via iPhone....) the 7 month old just scooted over and tipped my glass over! No wonder I'm having trouble getting it all in ! LOL... Splashed all over me.. Felt great and smells like lemon and mint from the backyard! Back to watching baby though........ No more posting til end of next week!
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I have a few cups I like to use. One holds 24 oz, so when I fill it up, I mark "20" on my IP journal. I have a 32 oz container that I take with me out of the house. I mark that one on my journal as "30". I add up the numbers at the end of the day knowing the real number is a little higher since I round down the numbers.
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Thanks for all the great ideas everyone!

I took two jugs this morning and poured in my 64oz and marked them with a Sharpie. I know I have to fill it to at least the line and consume by bedtime. I love my water SUPER cold!
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Default I have a half gallon water bottle

I take that with me every day and drink it during the day, Which is 64 ounces, and one other glass of water at dinner, Usually 12 ounces.
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Hey Everyone Great ideas! I also bought the Contigo bottles from Costco. I will take fresh mint and crunch the leaves up a bit and throw them in the bottles, fill with water. It is really refreshing!!
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I just got my Hydroflasks from one for water/cold stuff one for coffee left overs from home (so i know its IP friendly coffee) and one for soups etc pretty excited lol thanks for the name dropping.
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I had the same problem. As I am an EE, I have developed a flask with some electronics that automatically detects the amount of water in it and the amount I've been drinking. This information is reported to my iPhone and there I keep my drinking log. The APP also reminds me to drink should I am falling behind my target.
Now my wife wants one too
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I have two 32oz water containers, one in my office, one at home. I finish the office one by mid afternoon. My home one easily throughout the evening plus usually a refill. I always keep water bottle #3 next to me in my car. And sip and drive. (Until my state considers it distracted driving and hands out traffic fines for driving while drinking) So easy access to my H2O is key!
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