What Are You Eating Today IPeeps (Ideal Protein)

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  • B milk chocolate/coffee/spinach smoothie

    L pink lemonade

    D salad w/ smoked meat & WF BBQ sauce, coleslaw

    S quest chocolate chip cookie dough bar, kale chips
  • just got back from vacation, despite my good intentions I let my sweet tooth get the better of me - I am back on track to try to lose whatever I gained before Tuesday's weigh in. DH was so good and stayed OP much better than me!

    B- wildberry drink, coffee with RTD vanilla
    L- 2 cups spicy cucumbers (2 tsp vinegar, 1 tsp EVOO, splenda, salt, pepper flakes) plus chicken soup
    D- pan sauteed chicken breast and grated zucchini saute, salad with EVOO and lemon juice
    S- Chocolate Soy Puffs

    Dealing with Montezuma's Revenge, Delhi Belly...whatever you want to call it. Ugh.
  • Good morning,

    B - vanilla drink with peppermint extract
    L - 4 oz tuna with salad and 2 c veg
    Sn - cheesecake pudding
    D - 4 oz chin with salad and 2 c veg
    Sn - hot chocolate
  • Morning all!
    P1 Day 10
    B: 1 potato puree english muffin sandwhich w/ cucumbers & onions (1/2 packet) & 1/2 packet peach and mango juice
    L: 1/2 peach and mango juice, salad, roasted cauliflower (?? not sure about veggie yet)
    S: 1/2 Mock apple cobbler w/ oatmeal packet
    D: hamburger on potato puree english muffin w/ veggies
    S: 1/2 Mock apple cobbler w/ oatmeal packet
  • Good morning!
    B Chocolate drink w/spinach
    L soup... Haven't decided which one
    D pork chop and grilled asparagus yummy
    snack Strawberry wafer

    Did anyone else see the new orange chocolate wafers? Looks good! Hope my clinic have them at WI tomorrow
  • P1:

    B: Crispy cereal pancakes
    S: Garlic & onion soy nuts
    L: Cukes and peppers w/italian dressing
    D: Buffalo chicken & roasted cauliflower
    S: Dark chocolate pudding shake

    My clinic said they would have the orange wafers in next week - I'm looking forward to trying them. I love the strawberry ones but I have to eat them for breakfast, otherwise I think about them all day!
  • P1
    b crispy rice cereal
    l omelette with 2 cups zucchini, celery and green onion, salad with WF french dressing
    d chicken breast, marinated cucumbers
    s RTD chocolate and Quest bar

    I had one extra packet today. Need to get back into ketosis to get rid of these hunger pangs.
  • B: Dark chocolate pudding latte
    S: Carmel nut bar
    L: 2 oz left over chicken from last night & 2 cups veggies w/lettuce
    D: BBQ'd pork chops and roasted broccoli
    S: Blu-pom drink
  • B: vanilla peanut bar and coffee
    L: TB Rotini with Arugula, olive oil, and a small sprinkle of veggie parmesan (coach approved in moderation) - I just finished eating lunch, it was delicious!
    D: 1 egg, 2 egg whites and leftover hamburger, scrambled with spinach, topped with some chopped tomato
    S: Blu-Pom drink blended with ice as a big slushie
  • Quote: Good morning!
    B Chocolate drink w/spinach
    L soup... Haven't decided which one
    D pork chop and grilled asparagus yummy
    snack Strawberry wafer

    Did anyone else see the new orange chocolate wafers? Looks good! Hope my clinic have them at WI tomorrow
    I got a couple Saturday at my clinic and tried them. They are excellent! I think I like them better than the strawberry (which is my go-to dessert/snack).
  • B-Black Decaf coffee and chilled banana pudding @ 9:15AM (I go to The Ladies Exercise Express first thing in the AM)

    L-Romain Salad with mustard and white rice vinegar dressing topped with:
    1 C Chopped green pepper, celery and pickles, hot pepper and raw onion
    IP Cappuccino drink mixed with 4 oz black decaf and 4 oz water @ 1PM

    S- Orange drink and 1 C raw veggies cut into sticks with WF dressing for dipping @ 4:30 (or after dinner at around 9:15 if I get busy running errands)

    D- Roasted chicken breast seasoned with garlic powder, ground black pepper and squeeze of lemon juice and lemon [email protected]:30PM

    Romaine salad with 1/2 c raw veggies and same mustard dressing as lunch, and 1 1/2 C steamed cauliflower and broccoli

    Decaf plain green or herb tea and a good book before bed..(if snack happened before dinner)

    90-100 oz good ol'e H2O ...all day long!
  • B carb quick pancake made with 2 egg whites and wf syrup
    L salad with wf drsg,quest chocolate peanut butter bar
    S health smart strawberry yogurt
    D burger patty and rutabaga fries
  • Does anyone eat a IP Chocolate Chip Cookie several times a week and still see weight loss?
  • B-Vanilla Latte (EAS vanilla RTD and 6-7 oz cold coffee plus some instant decaf heated in microwave)

    L-Wildberry Yogurt drink and romaine salad topped with total of 1 C zuchini, mushrooms, spinach green pepper and scallion all sauted with a spray of PAM and then marinated in 1T rice vinegar -add 1t olive oil

    S- Peach Mango slurpee

    D-Meeting a friend out so I've reviewed the on line menu and plan on ordering a filet with steamed broccoli or asparagus...or probably both(!!) because the salads on the online menu don't meet my specifications, and I don't want to pay full price for a plate of lettuce that they just leave off things like cheese, olives, beans, rice .... which I don't want.
  • B: Hot chocolate drink with instant coffee (YUM)
    L: Chocolate Mint Shake with spinach blended in it
    D: Three eggs scrambled with chopped spinach and roasted leaks!
    S: Hot chocolate drink (with decaf this time!!!)

    Last night I used regular coffee in my late S and was up past midnight, which is late for me!