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I agree with your comment on the skinny quote. While I appreciate the sentiment, being skinny means nothing if you are unhappy and dissatisfied.

I still struggle with body image issues. I see all my flaws. Even though I am extremely fit and healthy now.

I am reading a book called self compassion. I think it is helping reframe my thoughts.

I'm getting the beck diet solution next. I have never been a self help book reader, but I am being open minded!
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Originally Posted by SweetShe View Post
I have been feeling the same way the past week or, my nose is huge, I don't look nice, my face looks worse etc. I do have to say that I get a ton of support from my its just my own worst enemy--myself. Thanks to everyone responding positively here...because even if its only one complaint or concern posted, there are others that feel the same way...just some are more brave than others and want to talk about it. I know I'm at this place due to emotional issues...but actually dealing with them and really living is terrifying!! But I can recognize the issues...time for therapy!!
I think weight loss is such a hard journey to undertake. You are brave already. Sharing is hard because people are people and you may have a negative remark here and there. But there is so much love he support I see here on this forum. I share a lot of personal experience because I do hope it makes someone feel better that day.

Well it is a beautiful afternoon. Enough of laundry, dishes, and coloring (okay that last one was my 3 year old). I'm off with my toddler to the park!

Hope everyone has here a great rest of your day!
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I think that people like us think that losing weight will automatically make us feel better about everything in our lives, which isn't the case for the most part. Yes, we will physically start to feel better and hopefully that will trigger something mentally but the problem might be rooted deeper than weight. A professional counselor probably wouldn't be a terrible idea. You have accomplished so much...don't let the jerktard next door get you down. Some people can't help but be negative. Keep up the great work!
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I have made sure that my hubby and kiddo take lots of pictures of me during this weight loss.

12 years ago or so, I lost 85lbs. I gained it back due to health issues. In the couple of years that the weight was off, I never felt like I'd lost the weight. When I look in the mirror, the shape of my body is still the same, and the fact that it's smaller never registered.

Until my daughter dug out some old pictures from those couple of years. I looked at them and went WOW I was skinny! Why didn't I think I was? In my head, and in the mirror, I was still 300lbs.

So, I have, since the beginning of this diet, had my picture taken at least once a week. When I get down, when I look in the mirror and still see the same shape, I go to the pictures and look at where I was at Christmas, and where I am now. I look good in those pictures. Lots better than I look in the mirror. And just as the pictures showed me at my absolute worst, they're proving that I'm improving.

to you.
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Originally Posted by Momto2cs View Post
I agree with your comment on the skinny quote. While I appreciate the sentiment, being skinny means nothing if you are unhappy and dissatisfied.
What was the "skinny quote"? Was that from this thread?
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I am pretty sure the quote is "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"
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I get it, I truly do. When I look in the mirror, I still see a "blob," a smaller one than it used to be but still a blob. I am working on seeing myself correctly but also having a realistic expectation of what I will get/be when I get to goal.

Dieting will NOT erase my wrinkles, stretch marks, or grey hair. It will not erase the need to have my knee replaced. It will not give me back my 20 year old body.

Dieting WILL give me better health, I will fit in an airline seat...almost any seat anywhere, I will be able to put my shoes and socks on easier, I will be able to bend over without thinking I will throw up, I will be able to reduce, eliminate or avoid the need for medication, I will be able to work in my garden easier, I will not have to squeeze sideways out of my tent trailer door, I will be able to take walks with my husband, I will be avoiding all the embarrassing moments that happen related to my weight. I could go on and on about what I WILL gain.

Now compare lists!!
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