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Maile 05-27-2013 11:03 AM

Shawsy, That sounds like a sensible approach with the wine. I found that having wine did not cause other cravings also.

Lizzy63 I gave up Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches for the same reason. I am also working on a few up pounds due to cooking Indian food yesterday. Here we go!

Ishbel. You party sounded fun..and so nice that your scale did not move upwards! I have never seen a party bus, but I have heard they are fun.

Off to exercise. I think I am going to double exercise today to work off yesterday,

Cheekyskeeter 05-27-2013 11:48 AM

Sounds like a great party Ishbel!

I was looking at some of the Skinny Cow products on Saturday but didn't put any in my cart yet. I have had some frozen yogurt a couple of times since hitting maintenance but don't think I want to have it in my freezer regularly.

I've been doing well in maintenance. My scale hasn't gone above my goal weight and it's been holding pretty steady. I want to start running again but was waiting until my feet healed up enough to try (severe psoriasis)....but of course my feet are now doing well and yet I still haven't started. I've been doing a TON of yard work the past couple of weeks and riding my horses every chance I get so by the time I have some free time for running (or anything else) all I want to do is rest. This weekend...that's my plan.....well that's my plan today anyways.

joysh 05-27-2013 02:49 PM


Originally Posted by Ishbel (Post 4753812)
I agree with Lizzy...it takes a while to find the balance. I avoided wine quite a bit at the beginning because the scaled complained and then 8 months into it I had two glasses on 'fun day' with the 'fun meal' and it didn't complain. Just take it slow and don't add too much too fast or you won't know what the scale is complaining about.

Great advice, Ishbel! Your party sounds like such fun!!


Originally Posted by Maile (Post 4753865)
I gave up Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches for the same reason. I am also working on a few up pounds due to cooking Indian food yesterday. Here we go!

I haven't been able to have any ice cream (or real sweets) yet. I'm just not ready, but I know the time will come. But I don't think I'll buy the ones to have in the house, though. I used to eat these also, Lizzy and Cheekyskater. Just not ready to have them in the house.

I'm home finally, after about 10 days in Houston and Dallas. My weight is about the same, but it will be nice to have my meals at home for a week or so, and get into some kind of routine - until the next trip in a few weeks.

I had an interesting Indian food experience on Friday. Maile, your comment about Indian food reminded me about it. I always LOVED to go to Indian lunch buffets. A little of so many different wonderful tastes - well, a lot of so many wonderful tastes. I would fill my plate to the max and then go back for more. Then I'd have rice pudding and then a tummy ache.

This time it was completely different! I skipped the rice and the sag paneer (which I love, but I was fine without it). Also skipped a lot of the rich sauces and the Kheer (rice pudding). I had 3 kinds of chicken, lots of vegetables, and little bit of daal. (Lentils). And I had some yummy salad and a piece of papadum. It was all wonderful. I'd like to say I didn't go back for more, but I went back for a spoonful of vegetables and some more cucumbers. The best part: no tummy ache!!!! I feel like a jumped a hurdle! :)

Cheekyskeeter 05-27-2013 03:19 PM

I've been craving Indian food for a few weeks now and my hubby keeps saying lets go to what used to be my favourite indian buffet place but I keep changing my mind. I have gone to a few all you can eat places (usually sushi) but I'm worried about all that rice, bread and sauces at an Indian place. We actually walked in to one last week Thursday night I believe and walked out without ordering once I took a look at the buffet. I don't want to feel that awful bloated feeling again and I'm just not sure I'd be able to eat just a little.

gazelle 05-27-2013 03:25 PM

I also have a problem with skinny cow ice cream sandwiches (pre-IP)! So, I just do not buy them. They are just too easy to eat and create cravings...

I have also added wine without any problem. I can't really drink more than a glass and sometimes don't have any at all. I do enjoy my one glass. However, I am still sticking to a mainly low carb diet with only occasional additions. I did not do well with a "fun" day as it led me to binging. I have a "fun" meal every now and then, but don't go crazy. I am still trying to figure it out, but I feel much better sticking to low carb. I don't really have cravings or feel out of control.

Hope everyone's weekend is good!

Cheekyskeeter 05-27-2013 03:43 PM

I have had a couple of glasses of wine but honestly since IP I really don't have any interest in it any more. I used to love my glass (or two) of wine when we'd go out but now I find I enjoy my large bottle of Perrier more.

bubbleblower 05-27-2013 06:07 PM

Sounds like many of us are at about the same point in terms of adding in new foods, particularly snack items, to our diet. I'm still pretty much in P3 mode, although I've added red wine back in with no effect on my weight. I still haven't had ice cream, chips, french fries - or even a baked potato - and I'm not sure that's really going to change. I'm feeling good and my weight is holding steady. I don't do 'fun days' but can't say I've really had the urge for one.

I'm diving this week, so I did add in more protein to my diet. I feel so much stronger diving these days than I did when I was on P1 or P2, and I know having a big breakfast helps. I'm still into afternoon naps, though! :lol:

It's been good to get away from the craziness at home for a bit. Between work, family, and our move I've been beyond stressed. I could feel the stress melt right off as soon as we got here. We haven't been here since February with everything going on, and this is the longest we've been gone since we bought our little piece of paradise; I've missed it a lot. I know I won't want to go back north on Saturday!

The water temps are about 83-84 so it's a lot warmer than it was in February. I did find that my wetsuits are still workable although there's some extra room in them around the waist and shoulders. I did have to clean out the closet here as pretty much all of my shorts and pants were too big.

Hope everyone is having a great week - and a great Memorial Day for those in the US!

joysh 05-27-2013 06:12 PM

One more thing about Indian food: During my 10 months on P1 I often made "curry" with sautéed veggies, garlic, chopped beef or sliced chicken or shrimp nd IP chicken soup and curry powder. Now I make it minus the IP chicken soup but I use a little tamari and a little bouillon. It fulfills some of th craving. But I totally understand not wanting to have the heavy " after Indian food" feeling.

DRegan 05-27-2013 10:14 PM

Thank you all for the great advice!:hug:
Especially the wine!! Lol!!!
Had a few slices of watermelon today,
was so good!! Still skipped the other
desserts at our picnic, just didn't care. Lol!

Have a great night!


bubbleblower 05-28-2013 08:20 AM

With wine, I think it would be a lot different if I were eating a lot of carbs as well. This is just my theory but it seems to make sense. Since the body will metabolize alcohol first, it would tend to store any carbs eaten at that time.

It's so refreshing to feel in charge of food now, vs. the reverse. Everyone wanted pizza last night so I just had the topping and a salad and then had a Quest bar for a snack later in the evening. My DH ribbed me about it, but that's the part of the pizza I like anyway. I didn't need a lot of dough, and I've learned to eat what I want, and avoid what I don't.

We're going diving again today. I didn't get many good photos yesterday since one of my strobes wasn't working and I didn't realize it until after the dives. My BIL got certified to dive yesterday, after taking classes on Sunday and Monday, so he'll be on the boat with us today. I'll have fun taking pics of my DH and my BIL together underwater.

Hope y'all have a good day!

Maile 05-28-2013 04:19 PM

Bubbleblower: I am envious of your warm water and your diving. What fun. Feel free to post any of your pictures. Have a good time buying new smaller summer clothes. I have only eatne the top of pizzas also..

Joysh: I did that with the IP chicken soup also. I loaded it with curry powder and pepper flakes. What you did on the buffet is what I do. I aim for the veges and meats..and relishes..chutneys and salads. We are in a small town so I either have to cook Indian food which I do..or go to a big city.

Cheekyskeeter: You souond busy with yard work and horses. I am glad those feet are finally better. I also indulge and drinkin Talking rain and Perrier.

Gazelle: I feel more in control with low carb and find my cravings are down. I do not do fun days..but fun meals...but usually low carb meals.

Dregan: We don't have fresh watermellon yet..but we do have local grown asparagus which are wonderful.

I am trying to stay less stressed in the last days of school..but it is not easy.

joysh 05-28-2013 10:05 PM

Interesting thing happened today: I was in the local clothing store, looking at the sale items and trying on clothes. This is now a favorite thing for me to do, as I am still amazed to fit into small clothes!

Anyway, in this store the petites are right by the extra large sizes. Two ladies were looking through the racks and one said how happy she was that she lost 20 pounds and would like to lose 25 more. The other lady was surprised and complimented her, then told another companion that "this lady just lost 20 pounds!" She remarked how she'd love to do that. I stood by and decided not to say anything. I didn't want to "steal her thunder." After all, I've been getting kudus for the past 3 months on my 80+ pound weight loss. I decided to let her have the limelight. But I smiled to myself - and took my size 4 and 6 P clothes happily into the dressing room. It was weird because one year ago I was shopping in the extra large area.

Just wanted to share... Hope everyone had a great day!

bubbleblower 05-29-2013 07:55 AM

A couple of quick pics before we head out to dive again ... My DH is on the left in the photo and his brother is on the right:


This is my BIL making his way through a dive site called Kelly's Caverns. My DH is in back of him with his video light:


And a typical wall dive - the wall in this area goes down thousands of feet:


Maile 05-29-2013 07:55 AM

That is a great NSV buying clothes in the petite section. I used to shop in the Plus section. Losing 80 pounds is such an accomplishment. That was interesting to be a listener on that conversation. I bet they never would have believed you were once heavier.
I was wondering if anyone knew how WUV was doing. I have always loved her success.

Maile 05-29-2013 07:58 AM

Bubbleblower: I loved the pictures! Thanks for sharing. I cannot believe how clear the water is..great visibility. Is that a coral plant in the last one? Lovely.I like that wall dive..no wet suit for your BIL? It must be warm.

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