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Cheekyskeeter 04-22-2013 06:33 AM

I too am basically doing phase 3 with some extras. I've gotten really used to eating what feels like so much for breakfast and now I love it. I've still been dropping a little bit but think that's because I've added in exercise.

I'm leaving this afternoon for Jamaica and can't wait!

What's been weird for me is since moving to maintenance I've had a bad headache the entire time.....I haven't suffered with them since my high blood pressure has gone away. I've checked it and I'm still in the normal range....very strange.

Oh and I too am now comfortable telling people my weight. I've never shared that with anyone before.....not even my twin sister.

joysh 04-22-2013 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by DRegan (Post 4713904)
Did some long awaited shopping today! I'm down to size 4pants, totally unbelievable to me! Could never get past the 8's.
By the way I'm very short,5'1" lol!! :dizzy:

So I will be very careful going into maintenance because I want
to wear my new pants(capris) for along time!!!! I got rid of alot
of old clothes, so no going back now!! D


Originally Posted by pocahontas812 (Post 4714178)
. I was shopping yesterday as I have no spring/summer clothes that fit, and left the mall with size small tops and size 4 pants...and even 1 pair of size 2 pants! I look at myself in the mirror and part of me understands how I lost the weight and believes that it's really gone, but another part of me is waiting to wake up and realize it was a really nice dream but I'm still overweight. Acceptance will come....I guess it's because when I look in the mirror I am really happy with what I see, and also I want people who are unhappy with their own weight to know that such a weight loss is possible and I am living proof.

Dregan and Poco, I, too, am amazed at the size I'm wearing! Sizes 4 andf 6 pants just surprise me! And yes, we are living proof that it is possible. I am also amazed at the whole journey. One year ago I was unhappy with the way I looked and was praying for a magical way to change that. I guess it was around now that I first heard of ip.


Originally Posted by Lizzy63 (Post 4714201)
s. I was careful with adding things in at first, but I religiously track everything on MFP. Initially I continued to lose and kept adding things in until I found a calorie level where I could maintain. A typical day would be the full phase 3 menu plus a coupe of apples, a protein bar, whole grain roll with dinner, and yogurt with fruit in the evening. Good luck!

Lizzy, thanks for this.

Good morning everyone! Have a wonderful Monday!

Ishbel 04-22-2013 09:56 AM


cheekyskeeter SOOOOO jealous of Jamaica! Beware the rum punch...:)

pocahontas812 Shopping is so much more fun now for me too! Sometimes...too much fun tee hee

Lizzy Way to make your maintenance rock....:)

patns :wave: if you hadn't of shown up this past weekend I'd have went looking for you. I was wondering where you went :)

evepet I'm with you on tracking...I know not everyone does but I do and still do. AND, I have said "ok missy, you ate it now you write it!" when I as avoiding writing it down lol

Lizz You are my hero!! :hug:

LINDEN I said "oooohhh" when I saw your name, HI!!! :wave: Welcome back...lots of support here! :)

maile Way to go on the pinch test...have you done measurements since your 1 year anni?


I'm hopeful that someone has gotten a hold of spring, they are saying +12 for this week. Of course they've said that almost everyday lately but hey...you always gotta have hope right? :)

evepet 04-22-2013 11:15 AM

Good Day Maintaining I-Peeps. :)

Really enjoyed my pizza last night... small pizza, and my friend and I ate 2 pieces each, which finished it. It was good - but not as good as I remember. It's disappointing really to have a splurge fun day and look forward to eating something that just doesn't taste the way you remember. :devil:

This morning the scale for the first time does have me 1 lb over my ceiling. My sodium intake yesterday was outrageous, so I've no doubt I'm retaining water. Definitely bloaty today.

So it's a P1 day for me to get back under 150 lbs.

Other than that, all is 'business as usual' here.

Hope you all have a great day. Cheers for now.

greeniris 04-22-2013 12:44 PM

Hi everyone - lunch time for me and thought I'd pop in while eating. Had a DUH moment after I popped my IP soup into the microwave and opened the fridge to get my veggies out...saw my leftover eggplant lasagna I brought for lunch today! Well, won't have to worry about bringing anything for lunch tomorrow now ~

patns - so good to hear from you again! Welcome back.

Linden - Welcome back to you too!!

evepet - I hear you re: the pizza not tasting as good as you remembered. But now you know and it will be that much easier to pass pizza up in the future.

I think Spring is finally moving this way - the 60's are actually in the forecast for a couple days this week! Most of the snow is gone and the sun is shining brightly today - Lovin' it! Will walk around the building a couple of times after the mail is delivered in a bit.

WI is tomorrow a.m. - down 6.5 lbs at home from WI 2 weeks ago. BUT, I still don't think I'm in ketosis! Very strange - still having cravings, hungry quite often (some is mental though, not physical), no energy, not sleeping well (VIP says I'm snoring to beat the band most nights :( Idk, guess as long as the up lbs are coming off that is what counts. Have a great afternoon!

Maile 04-23-2013 08:03 AM

Cindy, Losing 6.5 pounds is great. I hope you start feeling better and get some rest. I am an eggplant lasagna fan and like to make it.

Evepet: There is no doubt that sodium can cause a gain due to water retention.
Pizza is loaded with it.

Thanks everyone for your support on my stats. I had not done the pinch BMI test for two years at my gym. In the last two years which includes one and one half year of maintenance, I have lost 15 pounds of weight, one percent of BMI to 23 and 2 percent of fat or 6 pounds...and 6 mm skinfolds.

Ishbel: Are you healthy and out of pain?

Joysh, Dreggan, Bubbleblower: have fun buying clothes in those small sizes!

Cheekyskeeter: Have a great trip to Jamaica. I would not tell people my weight either in past years.

So I went to out of town meetings yesterday. I drove so I could escape lunch. Just as I predicted,lunch was spaghetti with a lettuce only salad loaded with heavy dressing, and chocolate chip cookies. Then there is the candy on the tables and donuts with the coffee. I had a healthy lunch in the park.

Patns and New England: It is good to hear from you. Heaven knows how much money I have spent on getting new clothes because my current ones would not fit!!! I hope you both are having a great week.

Linden: welcome back. Have you left Germany?

It is still cold here also.

bubbleblower 04-23-2013 08:14 AM

Good morning, everyone! Glad everyone is doing well!! I love coming to this thread and reading how everyone is doing.

I've been adding in food little by little and had my first avocados last night on a salad. They were good, but it's funny how many foods aren't tasting as great as I remember them! My appetite seems to be much more even these days, and even when I get hungry it seems to be much more manageable than in the past. I'm able to be a lot more patient and picky in terms of what I'll eat.

I still need to get back into a steady exercise routine, but that's tough to do right now with everything going on with packing and moving. I really need to start toning my legs, arms, and tummy back up - but at least my weight is staying stable.

Have a great day!

greeniris 04-23-2013 10:15 AM

Good morning - just taking a couple minutes to share that I officially lost 7 lbs & 4 inches in the last 2 weeks! Whoot Whoot!!! Hopefully the next 2 weeks are as productive :D

Bubbleblower - I'm pretty sure packing and moving is quite a bit of exercise for you. May not be what you think you need, but you are burning lots of calories in the process.

patns 04-23-2013 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by Linden (Post 4714922)
I'm not sure what prompted me to read the posts today. I do check back every month or so but haven't since I got back from Europe 6 weeks ago. I've stuck fairly close to goal but I'd pretty much decided to lose another 10 pounds when I got home and today, seeing so many great friends again. . . . Well, I sure would like the support.

Wonderful to see you back! I have wondered what was going on with you for quite a while.
I am on the run as usual this morning but will pop back in later, just got so excited to see another familiar face.


Momto2cs 04-23-2013 12:00 PM

Yes Linden! Welcome back!

scorbett1103 04-23-2013 03:13 PM

Well I had planned on running this morning, but I took a Tabata core/cardio class yesterday at the gym and I was a pile of jellyfish this morning. If you've never heard of Tabata, it's interval training where you work really intensely for 20 seconds, rest for 10 doing 8 cycles of that. My YMCA offers a Tabata core class that focuses on core strength and cardio, so in an hour long class, we do one single exercise for the 8 cycles, rest for a minute, then do 8 cycles of another exercise, rinse and repeat. MUSH. I am complete mush. LOVE IT! :)

DRegan 04-23-2013 05:05 PM


Originally Posted by scorbett1103 (Post 4716773)
Well I had planned on running this morning, but I took a Tabata core/cardio class yesterday at the gym and I was a pile of jellyfish this morning. If you've never heard of Tabata, it's interval training where you work really intensely for 20 seconds, rest for 10 doing 8 cycles of that. My YMCA offers a Tabata core class that focuses on core strength and cardio, so in an hour long class, we do one single exercise for the 8 cycles, rest for a minute, then do 8 cycles of another exercise, rinse and repeat. MUSH. I am complete mush. LOVE IT! :)

Awesome! Good for you!
I've been doing Insanity for awhile,
It is insane!!!!
I can only do about 80% of it!
Some of it is just crazy! I'm almost
50, i cant do those plank jacks etc are not
gonna happen, I jog instead when I
can't do something, but I do feel great!,
Getting stronger!!!
Keep up the great work!


Momto2cs 04-23-2013 05:51 PM

Tabata and insanity are both intense.
My current program wants us to do less cardio, so we only do 8 intervals of 30 second on 30 recovery. Twice a week.

The 3 weight lifting days the workout takes about an hour and is done in enough of a circuit style that you sweat.

Interestingly I have found by cutting back on my overall exercise I have leaned out more. I think I was overdoing it for a while.

capricious 04-23-2013 06:41 PM

Good to see your names Patns & Linden...
I miss exercise... I've come to accept phase 1 and exercise do not mix well for me so I guess I'm going to have to settle for walking and gardening til then... But Zumba ' TRX and step are calling me. Loudly. And repetitively :(
Had a rough weekend as my FIL who has been in the hospital for cardiac issues has been told that while he is going to be discharged today after a 3 week stay he will need to stay on oxygen from this point on. My husband, myself and our 3 children made an abrupt trip to Calgary which is 3 hours away on Sunday and stayed at my in laws so my husband could be there to support.
Sorry for the me lost but I want to post & share. It has been a difficult time staying on track but so far I have.

Momto2cs 04-23-2013 07:10 PM

Sorry things are so tough. You know,exercise will always be there when you are ready for it.
Gardening sounds good. I wish the snow would go away.

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