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grazi393 03-29-2013 12:43 AM

ER for twelve hours
So my little brother has been in the ER for 12 hours and I'm here with him.
Both my parents are working and I haven't eaten in a long time. He still is waiting to be "fixed", poor little fella. My parents both work late nights and since they had to be here with him earlier to give consent they are going to come back to the hospital around 1-1:30am.
Is there anything I can get or eat, Other than black decaf from aubon pain (how ever you spell that)
I don't know when I'm going to be out of here.
Man, its been a long day. AHH :(

GetYa1 03-29-2013 01:27 AM

I'm sorry you're at the hospital. I hope you're relieved soon.
I'm very new to IP, so I'm not sure that I'm much help. I would suggest a hamburger patty or chicken breast if there's some type of cafe. At some hospitals, you can ask for a late-night tray if you're with a patient. It might be a sandwich, but you can remove the bread.

Hope your tomorrow is brighter. :)

WorldTraveleronIP 03-29-2013 07:57 AM

I'm sorry to hear about your little brother! If you are in a situation like that again and don't have an IP bar on you, you do have some options. You can always go to the hospital cafeteria and get a salad and ask for a small amount of grilled meat (no breading, butter) or you could ask if they have any veggies prepared steamed without oil or butter. Hospital should be willing to help you out (perhaps some of the nurses on here can offer advice to you).

I am not sure if you carry a back pack? If you do, then you should always carry some emergency food with you for these situations.

I hope everything is ok...best of luck to you!

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