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Originally Posted by scorbett1103 View Post
Amen to that. I am glad that I really took the mental preparation aspect of Phase 1 seriously - the closer I got to goal the more thought I put into how I wanted to handle P3 and maintenance. That time was INVALUABLE. The structure of P1 really gives you that time to think through phasing off and making sure your HEAD is as ready to fly free as your BODY
I think at this point in my life i'm really ready for this change. I obviously wasn't ready my first time on IP (or i wouldn't be here again). I hope to spend this next year preparing my body, as well as mind, for a healthier and happier me (even though the last phase of this journey is super scary!).
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Originally Posted by tam67green View Post
OK, I'm in my 21st week and am SERIOUSLY losing steam. I can't seem to get back in the mindset that got me thru the first 18-19 weeks! I'm tired of feeling deprived, really sick of even the stuff I like to eat, and just want to feel "normal". (I'm sorry, I know I need a new "normal", but you know what I mean, right?) I'm tired of never being able to eat out with my family because nothing works with this diet in the world of restaurants. I keep fantasizing about just moving on to phase 2 and then phase 3, so I can go into maintenance. But I still have about 40 lbs to my goal weight. I've lost almost 60, and that's nothing to sneeze at, but it's getting harder for me instead of easier.

Sorry for the whine. I know my measly 21 weeks is nothing compared to some people on this site who have done IP for much, much longer. And I do like the results!

So if you see my motivation, could you please send it back to me?
Hello ladies, I'm from the guys thread down the way just peeking in! Please excuse my ignorance (I'm Canadian) but do you have Swiss Chalet restaurants down there in the USA? They have a "heart healthy" section in the menu with some great stuff that is IP friendly. My family loves it there so that is our main stop when we go out. Everyone is happy!!
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My motivation has gone into hiding too, that little sneak! Sure, we all have days where we'd love to dive headfirst into a pizza, but we just can't do that anymore! Just gotta get creative with what we CAN have, and there is a huge pile of things that we can!

My go-to meal right now is basically a frittata - eggs, lean protein (ham or turkey, seasoned however I feel that day), tons of veggies, baked in the oven - super easy and delicious!

Oh, and Mexican doesn't have to be evil! I make chicken fajitas all the time, but wrap them in lettuce instead of tortillas - all the flavour, none of the badness!

As for restaurants, I do feel your pain. I live in a very small town, and their idea of a salad is $10 for lettuce with mayo on top. Seriously. And everything is served with fries, if you ask for salad they look at you like you have 3 heads. And forget getting veggies instead, *if* they have any, it's always carrots.

It really is all about planning ahead - if we have to eat out, then I get the chicken and take off all the skin, and eat a big plate of veggies before or after.

We can do this!
Let's try this again - Started September 2, 2013

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