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Anyway I casually mentioned starting IP to someone who is also trying (though unsuccessfully) to lose weight and she immediately starting telling me all the reasons why it was a terrible idea and how all I need to do is eat healthy and in moderation. I was a little annoyed..... She was telling me all the things shes does and how that was better.
If you got out of that conversation without looking her up and down and saying "And how's that working for you?" then you are a better person than me!!

I'm not on IP, but I'm on the Dukan Diet which actually has some similarities. And most people Just.Don't.Get.It. So I tend to try to agree with them, and say yep, it's a crazy fad diet and then ignore what they say. Esp. if it's someone who hasn't been successful doing things "right." My plan is right for me.
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I have decided this time around to keep quiet about what I am doing. I am usually a big blabber mouth and tell everyone. But since I have done HCG and now this in the last two years I just feel more comfortable keeping it to myself. It is hard when I have to go out to eat. Today will be one of those challenges eating out with other Navy wives...
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Ya know, you just need to smile at people like them or pray that they become more informed on things. I have a few people in my office who tell me the same things about this diet and I just nod and smile. I feel for people who do not do their research before making such a change in their life. For a while now, I've had three of my own doctors tell me that I need to do some type of low carb diet in order to lose the weight I've been wanting to lose. But ya know, I was my usual hard headed self and just did the basic watch what I eat type of thing. Then, my coworkers 17 year old daughter gained a bunch of weight after their house was damaged by Hurricane Issac and she began to devleop bruising and other health issues. When she went to the Dr., her Dr told her she had developed Insulin REsistance (I have this as well) and that she must follow the Tran Tien diet (which is Ideal Protein but not buying packets and having a coach) immediately. So then I began my research on this diet and it is amazing what Tran Tien and other Dr's have become to understand what can help our bodies. I was stuck at a plateau for over a year just by doing diet and exercise...A YEAR!!!! THis is the only diet that has helped me actually get rid of the fat that I've been working my tail off to get rid of!! So when people bash your diet, just nod and smile and tell them to do their research and wish them luck on their current diet while you pounds melt away!
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I have told one close friend, my DD and oldest DS that I am on IP. Oldest DS eats paleo so he "gets it" and DD is my personal cheering section.

I have a "friend" who contacted my DIL about IP when my Dr. first set up her clinic. She said this diet was "crap" but she had something better she was using. "Skinny Fiber" or something like that... well, come to find out this "friend" is selling "Skinny Fiber" and was talking smack about IP when she knew nothing about it. (this "friend" doesn't know I'm on IP, she is not on my "need to know" list)

The best part of my story is... this "friend" sent me a text last night and told me I was looking fantastic and asked me what I was doing different. My response... "I'm eating different". Bwahahaha!

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You are preaching to the choir! I am not on IP but I am on a very low carb eating plan for compulsive overeaters and when I started all I heard from EVERYONE was that I should eat whatever I wanted in moderation. I was ready to slap the next person who said moderation to me. Moderation doesn't work for me. I'm a sugar addict so...

My experience is that every diet plan works...if you stick to it. So the key is finding the program that you will stick to. Good luck to you!

BTW - now that I've lost quite a bit of one says anything about what I should be doing.
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I haven't told most people exactly what diet I'm on and my coworkers only see the salads etc that I eat for lunch so there's been no questions about any IP products. At first some of my coworkers were shocked at how little I was eating and I could see they weren't sure about this diet but now they can see how well it's working so I get nothing but complimented on. For the weight loss and for being so dedicated. My office stocks the fridge and cupboards with food I can't eat so they are impressed that in 6 weeks I haven't strayed from my diet at all.
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The only one to give negative feed back was my BF ex-wife and she said "oh I know several people who have done that diet and gained it all back" I then told her that those people did not follow the entire program from start to finish and most likely went back to their old eating habits. Really I think she was just jealous cause I look soooo good and she is still overweight.
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Originally Posted by 4Mom View Post
The only one to give negative feed back was my BF ex-wife and she said "oh I know several people who have done that diet and gained it all back" I then told her that those people did not follow the entire program from start to finish and most likely went back to their old eating habits. Really I think she was just jealous cause I look soooo good and she is still overweight.
Ahh, this story made me smile. Good for you!
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I am glad I am not alone--I am another one who keeps things to myself. My clothes are starting to get loose and I am starting to get compliments on how certain outfits are "flattering". I laugh in theevening with DH when I say "yeah, that and losing 25 pounds sure makes things more flattering!". I think most people respect my privacy and when I have lost weight in the past I have given the nonverbal communication that I prefer a private comment rather than in front of tons of people. I have always been that way. Plus, I am the "boss" for most folks in my work environment so they are hesitant to say anything that might not be well recieved (but there are always people who are clueless).

I have one manager who reports to me who lost a good amount of weight a couple of years ago (and has kept it off) and said it was something about "Protein" and it works. I bet it is IP and at some point I will ask her.

As far as my lunch, people see me eating salad and washing out my shaker bottle (I live on the puddings) so I don't think anyone would notice anything weird. I have always brought a healthy lunch, and have been on WW for years.

I originally heard about IP from my hair stylist who was pointing out another one in the salon who looks amazing after the diet. She quietly said to me that it was one of those "packaged meal things" and that other clients she knows who did it have gained it all back plus more. When I admitted to her I was doing it last appointment (I wanted her colleague to get the referral credit so I told her) she admitted that the client who was on it was not done with losing but stopped due to the cost. So you never know the real story unless you look into it. Of course we all know that any diet you will gain back if you don't change. I am just happy to find one that seems to suit me!
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The people who know I am on IP are on IP, too, with the exception of my mother and a friend I told because I thought it might be something the friend was interested in trying too. Everyone else just knows I am on a restricted eating program monitored by my doctor and I am losing weight.

I hate the negativity and judgment of folks who either don't struggle with weight or knows every.darn.thing about how to lose weight despite being overweight themselves.

Just shut up and let me be great.
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I told my close friends what I was doing right from the start (not IP but a plan called Greysheet). They didn't seem to really get it but they recognized that I was in critical need of help. After I'd lost about 50 pounds a couple of different friends wanted to try the program but neither lasted more than a day. They were still in the bargaining phase of trying to make excuses for why they should be able to deviate from the plan.

Making a commitment to any diet plan is a deeply personal thing. I'm not doing this for anyone but myself. I was the one who had to live in that body, I was the one who had to face life feeling insecure so nothing that anyone says will derail me from my plan.
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Default tooo...

Prefer to keep this personal and close to the vest. Thank heavens for internet support these days!

My two daughters know and although they live thousands of miles away..they are real supportive and my weekly cheering section. My husband is an exercise freak...and that works for him. Watching and exercise have NOT worked for me.....I plateau...and get stuck just as others have said happens to them. At one point for MONTHS I was watching/counting calories ...had a personal trainer 3X a week and also walked an hr a day on the treadmill...I still plateaued after about 12 pounds!! In that process I badly damaged my knees with all the treadmill time and other equipment.

SOOO.....sadly...husband is being kept out of the information loop on this. He just knows I'm over the top careful about what I'm eating...and has chidded me about not getting enough exercise several times in the last few weeks...telling me an hr a day on the treadmill is the least I should be doing. ....anyhooo......Weigh in was today: have dropped 16.7 lbs in 6 weeks!!

Once before I lost about 40 lbs...and it was amazing the things people would say. Like they thought they deserved to know....(!)....what I had done...and my most hated comment was the very personal...: "Well....HOW MUCH DID YOU LOSE"? And what weight did you start at? REALLY!!! My answer then is the same as it will be this time...

"..Yes..thanx for noticing. I've lost some weight, but honestly, this conversation makes me uncomfortable." Then I just look at them....
That is a show stopper!

Very few people have the right to that kind of personal info just because they ask....If it is something I am comfortable sharing...I'll do it with out being asked and don't need anyone else's endorsement...or want to be the topic of a conversation to other people, especially when I'm not around.... specifically about "how much weight " I've lost" The polite thing I've always done is to compliment someone I notice has lost a lot of weight...

A simple gigantic smile and ..."You look great! ... And also, I really love your". Some thing that is obviously a very new part of how they look! Anyway...we are all different, but that's how I'd like someone to react to my loss....and I've got my comment ready for those who think its OK to ask me for my numbers....!

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Welcome! I too have Hashimoto's (an auto immune hypothyroid disorder) and PCOS. Ideal Protein is the only diet that has ever worked for me and I have been on every one (healthy and starvation).

I don't tell anyone what I am doing unless they specifically ask. I usually just say, I am gluten and dairy free and I am low-carbing. If I don't feel like revealing much, I just say I have gluten and dairy allergies and they back off...though fruit is a sore subject with people. I usually hear how bad my diet must be because it doesn't include fruit.

In fact, we have to fill out these wellness surveys at work to get a discount on health insurance and I got lectured by the automated response for my lack of dairy, whole grains and fruit. Next time the survey is due, I will lie about my diet. I hate that the system doesn't recognize low-carbing.

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IP was recommended for me by my doctor. While I am just starting my IP journey (have my 3rd WI later this afternoon), I have been pretty open about it and have not received any negative feedback. If I did...I'd probably clearly set them straight!! At work, two other people are or have been successful on IP and many others are working at better health in other ways. We are all supportive, so we are interested in what others are doing and supportive in any way we can make it work, not judgmental. People are curious about IP and how it works.

I don't keep secrets very well anyway so I might as well tell. And...I would also then be really embarrassed for someone to catch me cheating so there is an element of accountability about it for me.

This week we turned a potential potluck into a brown bag so that we wouldn't tempt people who have a different eating plan. We'd like to make it more about the social and less about the wrong foods! We had a lot of questions for each other about what we were eating and why. The outcome was to schedule a once a month brown bag social.
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:-) for those keeping quiet about IP, just remember the "your hair looks nice" comment is a weight loss compliment. I get/got lots of those comments when I see people I haven't seen in a while. Funny how -100 still makes my hair look great! (even if there is a bit less of it)
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