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NinjaNurse 02-20-2013 01:37 PM

Hitting the wall, thoughts and advice..........
As you all know, I have not been happy or comfortable with my clinic and coaches. These past 2wks have been a nightmare. Last week I gained 3.4lbs, no idea how, and only lost .6 this week.

Today I met with two women I have never seen before. (Due to vacation and illness.)At 1st I thought wow, maybe this new person will be different she came over and shook my hand, was very professional.........

Well, you know how this went:
Did I have too many carbs?? Sugar??? I had to have been out of Ketosis last week. (Huh??) I told them I had my period last week and had been constipated. (I was waiting for the Novo Cleanse spiel, but surprisingly, it never came)

I did have my period last week. I have never noticed much difference TOM.
The only thing differences are I started alternatives and worked 2 overnight shifts and I have been constipated.

So, they each came at me (in a passive/agressive way) and want me to write down what I eat. I track on MFP and did not have my phone with me this morning to show them. They don't know I have started alternatives.

They actually gave me a paper journal to write in that I have to bring back next week.

Here's my thought. I want to make an appt, maybe Friday, not a WI day, and have a heart to heart. Set the record straight. Tell them what I have been doing, (not cheating!!) and see if they still want to work with me, not at me.

I felt like they weren't taking into consideration how upset I was (it was all I could do to hold back the tears as I got 'scolded') or even notice it. They kept looking at me like I was holding something in, ok I was, the alternatives and my morning poop.:o

What would you do??? I love my alternative choices. My clinic has no idea (what a surprise) when they will be getting the new non-restricts. Although they did tell me the peanut puffs were coming back for awhile at least.

I want to stay OP, I have about 70lbs more I want to lose. I just have to figure out what is best in how I go about it.

Special :hug::hug::hug::hug: to Scorbett, who I have on speed dial.

M35A2 02-20-2013 02:01 PM

Personally I get far more from this site than from my coach (and I actually like her). The only thing that happens at my weekly WI is she does the measurements and I get my food for the week. If you can do that through alternatives I'd tell them to "kiss off" and go it alone. This is tough enough mentally and emotionally to have to put up with garbage like that. The best way to get back at a bad coach is to hit them in their wallet.

leannekarella 02-20-2013 02:05 PM

First off... take a breath :hug:

I had to admit to my coach last week that I was doing some alternatives, and I only go in to see him every 2 weeks, because frankly, I can't afford the food on its own, and I'm doing well on my own, and I hate "the look"

I have a lot of extra health issues that make my weight loss a bit slower than the "average" person. I don't know that he totally believes everything I say, but I have blown it off. I know the truth.

Stress can make you not lose weight. If you're stressing over your weigh ins, and your job moving around days/nights, all that can slow down your weight loss.

A whole lot of people are doing alternatives. There are only 3 things I LOVE from IP and I found PlainProtien.com where I can buy them. He's not a bad guy, and I understand they want to "help" but they know very little about actual nutrition in general (sell the diet) and well, I have issues that need special care.

You have the support here at 3FC... I feel I don't even need my coach now, because I get more one-on-one here than I do with him. I go, I get weighed and measured, I get my food, I pay, I leave. What good is that, unless you're the type who needs someone to answer to...which is perfectly fine. Many people are that way. I really thought I would be that way when I started, but I found I'm good on my own as long as I have my 3FC infusion every day, and I have a scale in my bathroom.

I wish I could tell you what to do, but I think you need to decide if you need the coach at all. Making you cry because they're talking to you like a child is not helping your weight loss at all.

Remember that if you're OP, you didn't actually GAIN wait. Right now I'm 4 days of constipation and up 3 lbs...I know I just gotta GO, but the Smooth Move doesn't seem to be moving much. I got thrown off schedule by a stressful week last week. You also mentioned TOM, which always messes me up for up to 10 days.

Try not to let anyone get you down. I honestly believe this diet needs a positive attitude to work, to stick with it. YOU CAN DO THIS! :)

Cheekyskeeter 02-20-2013 02:08 PM

I'm so shocked to hear about all the bad coaches out there. I know I would have a really hard time handing over my money each week to someone who treated me like that. I know they are there to make sure we are following the plan correctly but....that kind of attitude would have had me out the door the first week. I personally have no issues with my coach and actually enjoy going in each week to speak with her. I do write everything I eat down on paper and show it to her each week which I find easier for me. I agree with M35A2 that this is tough enough on it's on and you should NOT have to put up with that. It doesn't sound very motivating and helpful to me.

jeffiner 02-20-2013 02:17 PM

NinjaNurse..I'm so sorry that you are upset. We work so hard and need people to help not scold. I am positive that you are due for a whoosh soon..keep OP..drink some smooth move tea and let your body do the rest. We have your back so don't let bad salespeople demotivate you!

maezy1 02-20-2013 02:35 PM

Hey Ninja - set the record straight with them as to how you WILL be treated when yoru go in and that you get better support from an online group of people than the clinic. I only go every 3-4 weeks now for a WI because I don't like all of the BS I get weekly. They don't know their stuff. I'm staying because I don't want to go through phase 2-4 and maintenance without having some accountability. I am scared of those phases although they are SO FAR off

KitKat169 02-20-2013 02:44 PM

Hey NinjaNurse, sorry for what you are going through. I try to look at both sides: I am more sensitive at times and can find it hard to deal with my coach honestly but I have realized that I have a problem sometimes internalizing. The more upfront and honest you can be with your coaches they better they may treat you. They have had coaching from IP to work the problem in a certain step by step way. But if you find that a challenge, then suggest to them how you would like them to approach the problem. They aren't mind-readers (OMG, can't believe I just quoted my boss on that one!). I did have to make a change after the first couple of months to a new coach so if that is an option, consider it. I prefer the accountability of going to a coach and for me it wasn't an option to do it on my own regardless of how good the support is here.

I also record everything in MFP. I print out a report in PDF format and email it to my coach the night before my WI along with my weekly order. You could always print a physical copy and bring it in with you. For the items that aren't accounted for in the food/water area, add them to the food notes (i.e. vitamin intake). Also record your hunger patterns if you are more/less hungry for some reason that day. I add notes when I'm sick.

In the exercise notes, I've been recording changes in my routine, extra effort like errands or house-cleaning as well as "real" exercise. It has helped put some perspective on my week for myself and my coach finds it of value to assessing my week.

Good luck with the conversation. I hope it goes well but either way remember that we are all here to support you.

kileymed13 02-20-2013 05:25 PM

Hello my friend. I am very sorry you are going through this. I myself am at a turning point as well. I canceled my appointment last week and have not made one for this week yet. I meet with my coach but don't get much out of it. I am not going through what you are and would not be able to tolerate that.

I am here if you need anything. We can have weekly weigh ins and measurements if that would be helpful!! You have done so well and should not be having stress about your clinic. Think of how far YOU have come, not how far your clinic has made it difficult. We could have weekly Faunce Corner Nutrition dates and grab a decaf coffee with skim and splenda!! Let me know if you need anything.

ladylunk 02-20-2013 05:38 PM

Hard choice for you. That weigh in sounded horrible. It doesn't sound like they will be very happy about the alteratives and will probably be quick to point the finger as to why you gained on the fact that you used those. Which is too bad. Hopefully the fact that you have been with them since November and have done very well will help them to be more supportive of your decision to go to alternatives. Might as well have the heart to heart with them and if it doesn't go well then you know you have here for support or can always look for another coach if it gets to be hard on your own. Good luck!

lisa32989 02-20-2013 07:07 PM


Originally Posted by maezy1 (Post 4639769)
Hey Ninja - set the record straight with them as to how you WILL be treated when you go in and that you get better support from an online group of people than the clinic. I only go every 3-4 weeks now for a WI because I don't like all of the BS I get weekly. They don't know their stuff. I'm staying because I don't want to go through phase 2-4 and maintenance without having some accountability. I am scared of those phases although they are SO FAR off

Ninja: I'm with maezy...
YOU are the customer and have a right to dictate how you will be treated.
I'm only still with my clinic for the exact same reasons. I NEED maintenance support (having had an epic failure in that realm once before on another plan)

KitKat mentioned being sensitive and more sensitive sometimes than others. I am EXTREMELY sensitive during this weight loss process and get my feelings hurt very easily. If I were treated like you had been treated at this WI, I can't even imagine what would have come out of my mouth (think sailor :devil:) or perhaps I would have just burst into tears and run out. Losing weight is so personal and such a sensitive subject, it takes a special person to provide quality support. My clinic owner is the one I prefer for my WI. Occasionally I WI with another coach and I've vented here about it. Of course neither are perfect but I KNOW I wouldn't tolerate the way you're being treated.

It just depends on if you are able to confront them or not. I "say" I'd do it, but would I have the guts over such a personal, sensitive subject? Unsure.

Much luck to you. You KNOW you have support here!

Glover girl 02-20-2013 08:09 PM

Hi Ninja, I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experience at your center. What is infuriating is you have done so well, 48 lbs! I don't understand why they would think that you were suddenly off plan. If they know anything about loosing weight they would know its not a straight line. I think you should tell them if they are going to treat you like that they are going to loose a customer. Anyway, hang in there!

IP43 02-20-2013 08:16 PM

I wouldn't make a special trip. You have your food. You have your next weigh in. Just go to the next appt and see what the scale says - your "issues" may have settled. You know you can quit if you want to, so give it a week to cool off,and then tell them how you feel next week. If it's TOM you're maybe emotional due to hormones etc. too.
I also wouldn't use the book but print of MFP sheet. They just want to know you're tracking and accountable. MFP would be fine and it's what you're used to doing.
Personally, I find I need some of the foods from my clinic, and I've paid the fees so, [email protected], I'm gonna go, and she's gonna measure me, and I'm gonna shop and get what I want -- some weeks I get a few items, some weeks, like this one, I needed some vitamins etc. and spent $200. She's still making $$ so I don't feel badly either way. But I actually like my coach, and have a different personality, so you need to do what feels best for you

scorbett1103 02-20-2013 08:27 PM

You know I always have your back, lady :) And you know I want to give that clinic a piece of my mind! But I think IP43 makes a good point - you have your appointment for next week. It will give you time to think through what you want to say, and how you want to approach it. You can march in there and take charge of the meeting and tell them what you need to - after you've had some cool down time. Write it down if it helps keep you mentally organized - make bullet points of the things you have taken issue with that have happened. Keep pushing forward as well as you have been, know that we are all here to back you up if you need to kick them to the curb :)

IdealProteinNewbie 02-20-2013 08:38 PM

I'm sorry you have to deal with that. I agree, take your time to think about how you want to express yourself, then decide if you can do it on your own.

If it helps, I'm the one who made the announcement about the new non-restricteds...they will not be out until May. I forgot to mention that the other day, sorry!

Sammie12 02-20-2013 10:06 PM

So sorry for what happen to you at your clinic. I know where I go my person just weighs me, purchase food & I'm out in less then 15 min. Like everyone else said I would go to the next appt & tell them what you dont like about them & the way they act on your appts. Personally their customer service sucks. Totally off topic but Faunce Corner Nutrition sells alternate products? I have never been there..

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