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Default Husband still losing

So my husband hit his goal weight last week so he moved to phase 2. He had a weigh in today and he had lost over 3 lb again this last week.

Doctor was worried it might be his thyroid but I know from a few others you sometimes still lose on Phase 2... but that much more? They are having him move on to phase 3 and if he still loses a bunch next week may have him get his thyroid tested.

He had it tested before we started the diet and it was normal, which I am not sure why the doctor had it tested originally, I think he was just tired etc and she wanted to rule everything out.

Thoughts? Now me when I hit my goal it's okay if I lose some more but he REALLY doesn't want to lose anymore, especially when it's till 3-4 lb a week!
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I didn't lose in phase 2 but lost 5 lbs in phase can be still in ketosis in phase 2 and even into phase 3 when you're not in ketosis your body can give you almost a "free" week.

Good that he has a doctor watching it!
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I had told him originally to change his goal as it had been 150 because I was worried he would still lose.

I guess we will see what the next week brings. My firned in phase 3 was still losing .5-1 lb a week for 5 weeks, but she hadn't lost everything she wanted in Phase 1 so it was okay with her!
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Congrats to your hubby on making goal! That's awesome! And also, isn't it annoying how much faster men lose weight than us? If he's worried, it's good that a doctor is keeping an eye on things. Sounds like it's not that abnomal to keep losing in Phase 2.
As for myself, I hope to keep losing once I hit Phase 2. I plan on doing that around the first of June, regardless of my weight at that time. Since I know weight loss slows as you get closer to goal, I know that I may not be at goal by that time. But I'm still going to move to Phase 2, and then to Phase 3 and try my hand at maintenance over the summer. I'm going to need the mental break from Phase 1 by that time! If I get back into the mindset, I may reboot and go back to Phase 1 to get to goal...but we'll see. So far, I'm happy with my weight loss, I can now shop in regular stores, and my health has improved about 100%! I will be even more awesomely cool by June!
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I ended up staying on phase 2 for 4 weeks because I wanted to give myself a "cushion". I lost about a pound a week, but I also added more strenuous exercise. I am finished with the first week of phase 3 and have not gained or lost. I know everyone is different....
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My hubby lost weight in Phase 2 and 3.
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My losses continued into Phase 4. I went into Phase 2 about 2 lbs over my goal and had continued to lose to 8 lbs under goal. These 10 lbs came off over a 2+ month period. I'm 3 months into maintaince now and have been pretty stable (2-3 lb range) for the last month or so.
I won't worry about the additional losses unless he his heading for the "underweight" category.
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I'm 9 days into Phase 2 - I lost 2.2lbs after being on Phase 2 for a week, and I weighed myself this morning and I'm down another 1.6lbs! I wouldn't worry too much about it. We are still at a calorie deficit in P2 and P3, just a smaller one If he is STILL losing in maintenance and tracking calories shows that he's eating enough, that's when you may want to get it checked. Till then, no worries
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My hubby is losing weight and he is not even on IP. It is because I've changed what we are both eating, but I told him to stop it! One of my goals is to weigh less than him.

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