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There are many veggies I don't care for like celery and broccoli. I eat mushrooms raw onions alot of raw spinach and I add it to my omlet. Twice a week I added tomato to my salad. I love stirfried cauliflower. There are many dishes I have seen on various IP sites that just look good and I actually want to try them.

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Go to the daily chat thread, first post, and find the link to Fun With Veggie Purées.
I added puréed veggies to my IP soups for the first several months. Now I actually have to limit my veggies!
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Originally Posted by scorbett1103 View Post
Ideal Protein doesn't allow any fruit (juice or otherwise) during weight loss. We can only juice veggies if we use something like a Vitamix, which preserves the pulp and does not strain it out. We need that fiber from the pulp!

RE: Onions - there's a lot of debate about them. I did some research, somewhere on here I posted a link to a page that explains that onions only form the "bad" sugar chains when they are browned/caramelized. Not all chemical reactions are created equal, and in order to form the sugars that we are to avoid on IP the onions have to be heated to a very high temperature, which causes the browning. Cooking them till they are translucent or general heating without browning does not bring them to a high enough temperature to create those sugars. Folks are free to choose whether or not they want to have the cooked-not-caramelized onions, but them's the facts
Thanks for sharing scorbett. I like my onions sautéed just until tender and translucent anyway. You have alot of helpful suggestions
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I know my grocer will make special orders for it's customers. I live in Louisiana and my grocer actually asked me what rhubarb is so he wouldn't feel foolish asking for it. He says he was worried about having it just sit but was thanked for having something nobody else in our area has. Now he calls me when he gets ready to order to let me know so I don't miss out.
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Originally Posted by 3xsMom View Post
Hello everyone! I'm in my 3rd week of Ideal Protein diet. Lost 5lbs my first week and 3.6 my 2nd. I do chocolate shakes twice a day and an omelet once a day. I add my onion and mushrooms into my omelet at lunch and then supper I am browning ground beef or turkey with mushrooms, onions and yellow bell pepper and eating it over lettuce. If I'm out of mushrooms I will add spinach into my lettuce. Here's my problem... I loath most veggies. The exception being corn, carrots, peas, beans. Basically the stuff I can't have. I've tried roasting them, grilling them, boiling them. I'm going to try to purée them and mix them in in with meat and make a "loaf". Does anyone else have this issue??? I know veggies are an important part of this diet so I've got to figure out some way to get them down!!!
I get my veggies in with my protein meal. I stir fry mine in Walden Farms Sesame dressing and add a bunch of different seasonings. I eat 3 cups with my protein and try my best to get the other cup in at another time of the day but I will say that I have been doing fine on 3 cups. I can easily eat the same thing for dinner evernight so this task became easier for me. You may think I'm crazy but I eat Alaskan cod as my protein every day. It stir fries up easily and I can make it 50 different ways with seasoning. I'm easy like that though and I know many cant as the same thing over and over makes them crazy. Personally, mushrooms and Bok Choy have been my go to with my stir fry as its filling and both take on the taste of the seasonings. I use allot of curry and ginger when I stir fry. ( I should clarify that I stir fry with no oil. I do use spray oil to start the process)

The other thing I found as my life savor is Beef Bullion. I make a cube of it dissolved in 10 ounces of hot water and drink it as an appetizer before I eat. It helps me with my sodium intake and also makes me feel like I just ate something with some flavor.

I have also chopped my mushrooms in a blender and added them to my mushroom soup pack. I have done the same with broccoli and it rocks in the broccoli soup.

Hope that helps!!
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I ate mainly raw veggies all the way to goal.
Love the peppers had Red Peppers at least twice a day even when had to pay $2.99 lb...just to keep me with something I truly enjoy. Love cucumbers with salt and dip in Olive Oil.

I am a Picky Eater to the extreme..,we all need to find what works for us.....and then kick it out to Goal!
IP drinks were a go to for me, carry them with me wherever I go!
Find your rhythm...and go from there.
Good Luck, Roo2
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I've learned to bury the veggies in lots of ways. I eat a huge salad at noon (which I learned to do) and I use half lettuce and half spinach. I add red peppers, mushroom and onions to a salad. I like asparagus for breakfast alongside an omelet. I've never liked coleslaw but found that mixing cabbage slaw with cilantro, scallions and an Asian dressing is good. Many of the WF dressings are better with a bit of sweetener added. I use liquid Splenda so I avoid the carb.
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Default getting started

I just started the IP diet on 5/10/13. Had been talking about it, on and off line for about a month and a half. The hard part for me is in the mornings. I seem to have some kind of insulin level that just doesn't get fully contained with an omelet, even tho I put sliced portobello mushrooms in it. I end up having a drink within 1 - 2 hours on top of the omelet. Once I get some real protein in the body at noon (have decided to move that to then), I'm fine. Energy peaks, can get a lot done. Can finish the day with a soup packet and vegies. But the mornings are yuck! Was at 201 lbs, with a goal of losing 75 lbs.
If anybody has any more ideas about what to do with the omelet let me know. I tried putting a bunch of garlic cloves in it, which were good, but didn't sound good two days in a row.
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Originally Posted by HillaryJH View Post
Thanks for the tips! I am just about to start IP and I am super nervous about the amount of veggies that I have to get in because I am not a veggie fan!

I will have to purchase a blender to try out the water/ice/spinach/packet deal. Promise the taste isn't altered?
I promise the taste is not altered!
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We discovered a whole,bunch of new veggies when I started IP.

Roasted cauliflower is great - 40 mins @400 degrees
Roasted fennel you can use Walden Farms balsamic in it
Asparagus - roasted in the oven or on the grill
Ruttabega roasted in the oven
Broccoli - I steam it and use a sesame dressing of equal parts white or rice vinegar, sesame oil and soy sauce
Big Mac in a bowl with extra pickles and a can of mushrooms
Roasted mushrooms
Celery root - roast it or youmcan mash it
Rhubarb - I stock up this time of the year

Try grilling your veggies - it chanfpgrs the taste if the,- everything is better in the grill.

We found a recipe somewhere on here for rutabaga puff - I brought it to Thanksgiving -

There's a lot of ideas on here - there's also the book that you can get from your coach.

Try other veggies- you might be surprised that you like them.
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