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lwest856 10-07-2016 01:52 PM

What is WF blue cheese dressing? What does the WF stand for?

cdnmomof2 10-07-2016 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by lwest856 (Post 5282459)
What is WF blue cheese dressing? What does the WF stand for?


Ro22 10-08-2016 01:41 AM

Here is a list of items that I have accumulated over last few months...

1) I use 8 oz of chicken stock rather than water to make my cream of chicken soup. This gives a depth of flavor that water does not provide.

2) I use 1 of my 2 cup vegetable servings as a dessert occasionally. And, I incorporate my love/ease of slow cooker.

Baked "apple" slices - 2 cups of zucchini (peeled and cut in half and then cut in slices) with lemon juice, WF apple butter spread, Torani sugar free caramel syrup and/or WF caramel syrup or dip with cinnamon and apple pie spice on high for 90 minutes. If you line slow cooker with aluminum foil then you can lift it out and have no clean-up.

Rhubarb compote - 2 cups cut up rhubarb with lemon juice and WF strawberry syrup and WF raspberry spread cooked in slow cooker on high for 90 minutes or low for 3 hours.

3) Using the slow cooker again, cook 1 lb of ground beef or turkey with taco seasoning on low for 5 hours. Slow cooker makes the best taco meat. For taco seasoning, I simply googled a keto recipe for taco seasoning.

4) if you have Janeva's cookbook, you must make the French dip - outstanding! Note that I replace the soy sauce with liquid aminos. Also, the maple pork is fantastic especially if you serve the pork with 2 cups cauli rice with the maple glaze. Sloppy Joe is good too. I used the WF honey bbq sauce as part of the recipe.

5) For "roll" for French dip and "tortilla" for tacos (and could use as a burger bun), microwave 2 cups cauli rice for 5 minutes. Let cool and add salt, pepper and 1 egg. Mix and place on a parchment paper lined baking sheet for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. Be sure to flatten the mixture as much as possible on the pan before baking.
Note: whole foods and super target carry crumbled cauliflower that is really convenient for cauli rice.
You can make these ahead of time and store in the refrigerator. They'll keep a few days. I warm mine up on defrost in microwave.

6) From Totalwellcoach.com, I got a recipe for fat burning lemonade. 1 L water to 1 tsp d-ribose powder, 1 tsp l-carnitine powder and some lemon juice. I ordered the powders from Amazon. I drink 2 L of this a day and 2 L of plain water.

7) whole foods has a jar of San Marzano diced tomatoes (I get garlic one). This has no sugar added and has lowest carb count I have ever seen for such a product. I believe it is 2 total carbs for 1/2 cup. I add some Italian seasoning to it and simmer in a frying pan for about 5 minutes and add to 2 cups zucchini noodles. Very good and I have learned that wrapping zucchini noodles in paper towels and squeezing out excess water as Janeva describes in her cookbook makes a big difference in the noodles not gettin soggy and holding this sauce together well.

8) I select the lowest carb packets so for instance, I make my pudding rather than buying the ready-made. I get the 8 oz Bali jars (as for making jam/canning) and put the packet contents in 1 jar and add 5 oz cold water and put lid on and shake vigorously. I'll make 6 jars at a time and store in refrigerator. They are just as convenient as the ready made with less than half the carbs! You can take it on the run. I also used the ziploc bowls with screw on lids and did same thing.

9) salad dressing that is much better than WF. 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts olive oil with minced garlic ( quantity to your preference), Dijon mustard and white pepper ( amounts to your liking). Put in container and shake. 1.5 tsp on salad is 1 olive oil serving. Note that I bought a salad dressing mixer at target and use that to store this and mix it. It is battery operated - you simply press a button to mix it. It has measuring lines on it so it is easy to add olive oil and then half as much Apple cider vinegar.

oneuh2 10-09-2016 05:38 PM

As always - you have shared really great ideas and recipes!!
So good to see you again!!

canadjineh 10-11-2016 12:31 PM

Hiya, Ro! Thanks for the reminders, I'll have to pull the slow cooker out again... it's stew season. The salad dressing gadget sounds interesting... do you have a link or name?

Ro22 10-11-2016 04:30 PM


Here is a link for the mixer...

Also, here is a link to another salad dressing that is slightly different than the one I shared above that I plan to make soon...
by the way, I like that site for recipes (I have lots of sources - this is just one that I recently found).

Ro22 10-11-2016 09:20 PM

I have been bored with dinner so I was contemplating not eating meat for a week and having 2 IP packets for dinner instead. But, I decided not to do that as I don't want to go pick up more IP products sooner than later. In fact, this may be my last month on IP prior to transitioning to a traditional keto lifestyle. Anyhow, I went through Janeva's cookbook and decided to have the Chicken Cauliflower Fried Rice. I have never eaten Asian food - ethnic food for the most part is not my thing. But, this was surprisingly great. As noted in an earlier post, I replace the soy sauce in recipes for Liquid Aminos as it is lower in carbs and a source of protein actually (I'll use coconut aminos when I switch to keto lifestyle). It was nice to have something new. I am doing so much research and prep for moving to maintenance and dreaming about what I will be able to make - this was a good meal to fulfill me given how I am currently feeling.

Ro22 10-26-2016 12:15 PM

I had packages of Miracle Rice and Noodles that I wanted to use up. I had ordered boxes of each from Amazon a while back and found that I still had 4 packages of rice and 4 of noodles left so I decided to use them up this week.

For the last 2 days, I have added the rice to my cream of chicken soup.
A few weeks back I started mixing this soup with 8 oz of chicken stock rather than water as it gives it an even richer and more chicken taste.
So, to bring both of these together, I rinsed the rice really well and then put in a dry skillet for about 10 minutes until they started squeaking :). Then, I added my 8 oz of cold chicken stock to the skillet - it only takes about 30 seconds for the stock to get very hot. I then pour into my bowl with the soup powder and mix well. I add salt and pepper. It doubles the volume, and it is incredibly filling.

As a side note, I am also using the Miracle Noodles at dinner time. Preparing them the same way as the rice and then adding a little chicken stock after they squeak (once dried out) so they don't stick to the pan. I add chicken and broccoli and olive oil along with garlic powder, salt and pepper. This isn't a new recipe as it is posted within the threads but I just added it here to explain how I am using that up this week too.

Regarding the rice, I had made IP rice pudding with the rice before. I made it 2 ways - one with Miracle Rice and one with cauliflower rice. I actually preferred the one with cauliflower - this was a surprise and disappointment to me which is why these have sat in the cabinet for a while. But, I really like it in the soup so perhaps these are better in a savory dish vs sweet...just a thought.

Ro22 10-31-2016 01:21 AM

Lately, I am tired of meat and kind of bored with dinner.
So, I had the thought to have eggs but wanted to do something different with them and after searching around, I came up with the following which is a deviation from a recipe I saw on ditchthewheat.com.

1 - I sprayed a baking dish with non-stick spray.
2 - I took some baby spinach and slightly processed it
3 - I made 2 cups of rices cauliflower
4 - I made layers in the baking dish by placing the spinach as the first layer and then the cauliflower (riced cauliflower cooked in microwave for 5 minutes), spritzing both layers with olive oil with my mister spray.
5 - I then sprinkled in 2 T nutritional yeast.
6 - I then finished the last layer with 4 eggs gently cracked on the top with salt and pepper.
7 - I baked at 375 for 20 minutes and wound up with 4 nice poached eggs on top of a mixture to soak up the egg yolk. Very good and a nice change of pace.
In fact, I'll make variations on this with replacing 2 eggs with turkey breakfast sausage. You could do different vegetables with this.
I will incorporate this into my keto maintenance plan with adding butter and bacon/sausage. Very versatile!

sandralosingweight 11-01-2016 09:10 AM

Hello everyone,

I recently discovered how I can make a creamy mushroom sauce that is 100% compliant with IP phase I:

I cook 2 cups of fresh sliced mushrooms in 1 tsp of olive oil. I dissolve 1 Tbsp of beef stock powder in about 1/4 cup of water, I add them to the mushroom while stirring, I add some of my milk allowance for the day and cook until everything is well cooked and mixed up nicely. And finally to give it this creamy thick texture, I add about 1/4 of a tsp of Guar Gum powder (it's a carb free powder used instead of corn starch, which thickens sauce).

I really loved this sauce, I did it more than once, I even did it once without adding any milk at all and still, it came out so delicious.

Hope you'll like it.

sandralosingweight 11-02-2016 11:24 AM

Hello everyone,

I discovered how to make the fluffiest pancake using any kind of whey protein and any flavor:

I mix my scoop of whey protein with 1 egg white, 1 tsp of olive or grape seed oil then, instead of using baking powder, and this is how I found it made a huge difference, I add 1/4 tsp of baking soda to which I add some vinegar until it completely fizzes, I add this mixture to the pancake batter and mix well. It comes out amazingly well! Try it.

Ro22 01-06-2017 06:13 PM

Great Reminders!
I am so happy I posted recipes here as I had forgotten some and did an Advanced Search on posts from me showing the post only so I could get a list of the recipes I have posted. I printed each one out. I have them in my overall book that I included in one of the posts, but it is good to get the individual ones as reminders of my "go to" recipes.

For those back here after a period of time, I thought I'd share that idea as you may have posted yours and needing a reminder like I did.

Ro22 01-06-2017 06:17 PM

Janeva's Cookbook
For those that are new or on a reboot and are not familiar with this cookbook, I highly recommend it. This is a cookbook for Ideal Protein Phase 1. There are a lot of packet hacks as well as great ideas for dinner. I wan't familiar with this the first time I did IP, but I became aware of it as a result of this site and I am so happy I did. Everything I have made from it has been great.

frawniemae 06-29-2017 08:22 AM

Came across a recipe in a magazine that sounded interesting so I tweeked it to fit P1 protocol:
Maple Vinaigrette
1/4 c each WF pancake syrup, olive oil and apple cider vinegar
1 T mustard
1 T WF Honey Dijon dressing
1 1/2 t fresh lemon juice
1 t Olive Nation maple extract

lifeonahigherplane 07-02-2017 03:25 PM

Any ideas on veggies? I've been eating a lot of broccoli and squash sprinkled in with cabbage and cucumber salad. Looking for some more veggie ideas.

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