What I've learned in first week on IP

  • Hi all- I'm new on the IP diet. It's been an interesting week. First off .... I developed a whopping sinus infection this past week right as I was beginning the protocol...not fun. Two things were triggered by that
    1. I was never hungry. (But I did abide by all the guidelines, ate everything on the plan...not cheating even once)
    2. I did not lose a lot. 2.2 lbs. They said being sick can cause your body to hold on to water...my daughter, who is a nurse with a nutrition minor, told me the same thing with out knowing the office had told me that as well.

    As for the food. I found I really do not like the tomato basil soup...but I think all of the products taste better when they are mixed and sit for a while...so I will try that ONE more time before crossing it off!

    Do not like the really sweet fruity drinks. I am not a fan of sweet...so those need to be watered down or blended with ice for me. That might work better once the warm weather arrives. The cappuccino is tolerable if I add some real coffee to it. The potato puree makes a great soup base and leftover roasted veggies chopped up are great mixed in. Dark choc pudding also good if I let it sit...but then add some coffee and remix to a thick drink consistency.

    In addition...I am in need of gluten free...so a lot of the products are not things I'll be using.
    Hope to find that this diet works for me. I feel like it is do-able.
    Trying to stay positive. It is only day 7!
  • Keep going....
    I just wanted to post to say that I have only been on IP for 2.5 weeks. It's going well. I am losing, which I have been unable to do for years. Stick with it and keep up the good work. Hope you feel better soon
  • Just an FYI - I'm in reboot since 1/2 and I also had a major sinus infection that took 2 rounds of antibiotics. DO NOT take your cal-mag or potassium with antibiotics as they interfere with it. I GAINED 3 lbs my first week even though I was 100% OP. I lost 4 the second and now that I am off the antibiotics and able to take the supplements, I'm hoping on a big whoosh next week.

    Good Luck, hope you feel better - stick in there. My coach said fat is still burning underneath the inflammation - so there's hope!
  • Hey, this is day 7 for me too, though my first WI is not until Sunday. My scale says I have lost and I have been on plan all week, though I have been hungry a few times (I'm still sorting out a rhythm).

    That said, this plan is not hard and so many have seen success that I know I can be successful on it, too.

    Good luck to you!